War of Words

The terminology we use is important. Words possess real power. Language can destroy or build, tear down or uplift, divide or unite, disenfranchise or empower, and demoralize or inspire. 

The enemies of humanity have devoted an extreme amount of time and financial resources to hijacking, manipulating, misusing, canceling, and altering language. By this means, they have denounced patriots as traitors and trumpeted traitors as patriots, blamed the guiltless for their own crimes while making themselves appear innocent, and made good seem evil and evil seem good. 

In 2018, Benjamin R. Dierker, writing for The Federalist, put out a piece discussing the effort to mold language to push the anti-Freedom agenda and fundamentally transform society: 

“Word games take many forms, and honest people must call it out . . . Underlying each tactic is misuse of words. 

“This isn’t innocent linguistic drift or slang; it is a conscious effort to reshape society. The schemes include redefining words for personal gain, using modifiers to alter the meaning of a word, replacing technical words with colloquial ones, and creating new words. Each of these is a bullying tactic, which distort effective discourse. 

“It starts with misusing words or defining them based on circumstance rather than objective meaning. The entire purpose of defined language is to hold constant meaning so others can understand. Situational use starts to condition how people feel about words, building up a new connotation. 

“The classic example is the word “liberal,” which the far-left co-opted. It was adopted because of its positive connotation, and used as a cover for imposing greater leftist control under the guise of liberty. In reality, there is nothing liberal about failing to protect life, burdening individuals with regulations and taxes, or forcing individuals to provide services to others. This is no accidental misnomer, but strategic messaging to influence people. Who doesn’t want to support a policy that is “progressive,” “pro-choice,” or “affordable”? 

“When the word cannot be flipped, other words are sometimes added to suggest a new meaning. In the case of firearms, the new popular phrase is “assault rifle.” Webster’s Dictionary was happy to update its definition to help nudge society in the right direction. The effect is a stronger connotation, which plays on people’s emotion and visceral reactions to the phrase. . . . 

“Wholly disassociating words from their accepted meaning opened an entirely new realm of possibility for leftists. By separating gender from sex, linguistic activists tore the very fabric of mutual understanding, and created a new class of victims, and by definition, a new class of offenders. Pronouns, the simplest way to identify another party, are now subject to feelings. 

“Defining words on subjective views defeats the purpose of language, because it creates an endless guessing game, and empowers the other party to choose when to reward and when to punish the speaker. By sabotaging the accepted unity of sex and gender, dozens of new pronouns sprang into existence. 

“New words do not harm discourse, unless they are thrust upon people and enforced through speech codes. Controlling how people speak is the implicit goal of this movement, which combined with anti-hate-speech activism seeks to empower the Left as the arbiters of morality and to punish those who wrongfully use language—ironically, achieved by abusing language themselves.” 

We can all inherently see how dangerous it is to subject words to feelings and substitute the rule of law with the rule of men – madmen. The inmates are running the asylum, but they got into that position by first getting into your mind and changing your thoughts, vocabulary, and forms of expression. To break their spell, you must take back the English language, learn how to effectively communicate, discard the ludicrous definitions and linguistic straitjacket they have imposed on public discourse, and speak truth regardless of whether it is politically incorrect, socially accepted, or considered “offensive” by the social engineers and their brainwashed followers. 

We now analyze other examples of the intentional linguistic distortions that have been used so regularly by the controlled press, Hollywood, academia, activists, and politicians that they have warped popular culture and indoctrinated millions. 

The anti-gun radicals are busy in Congress, the courts, and media denouncing our natural, God-given, constitutionally-explicit right to keep and bear arms as at attack on the right of life. Yet, these same anti-gun activists are generally pro-abortion, which is a blatant and brutal attack on the right of life. The hypocrisy is stunning! 

To establish the hypocrisy, I quote from Democrat Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. During debate on an assault weapons ban currently in Congress, Jayapal whined

“Mr. Chairman, my colleague across the aisle said we have the right to defend ourselves. What about our right to live? . . . [An assault weapons ban] is a ban that the majority of Americans support . . . Today, I dare my Republican colleagues to stop looking away. Stop ignoring the tragedy that is faced by people across this country . . . It is our duty to stop these killings . . . So, for every person who says I have a right to defend, I say to you, we have a right to life. And your right to defend with a weapon of war does not obliterate our right to live.” 

This is the same demonic traitor who previously Tweeted

“Today, a right-wing Supreme Court overturned the right to abortion established in Roe v. Wade. 

“As one of the one in four women in this country who has had an abortion — I am outraged. . . . 

“Pregnant people no longer have the personal freedom to make decisions about our own bodies with a doctor or loved one. Instead, those decisions will be made for us by politicians.” 

Do you see the vicious hypocrisy that a politician who wants to dictate how we defend ourselves complains that politicians are meddling with her “right” to kill kids? “I am outraged” that this wicked traitor hasn’t been, along with her Marxist comrades infesting our government, taken and strung up by the People for being oath-breakers and fighting so hard to trample the rights declared sacrosanct in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Despicable. 

These types of depraved baby killers have repeated ad nauseum the scientifically-disproven notion that babies are “clumps of cells” in the womb to ease their consciences about murdering them. They institutionally slaughter babies by the tens of millions, but come out in rage and indignation against guns; that is, against inanimate objects that are neither good nor evil, but are mere tools that can be used by good or evil people for good or evil purposes. 

There is no mention by the rights-devouring jackals of the inconvenient fact that guns are used by innocent Americans between 2 and 3 million times a year in self-defense against criminals. A great example just happened in Indiana on July 17 when the 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, who was constitutionally carrying a firearm in a pathetic gun-free mall defended himself, his girlfriend, and a room full of people, against a would-be mass murderer. 

Which of the would-be victims in the mall that day will dare come out and denounce this young man or wish the government had stripped him of his firearm? Was the gun the bad guy in this scenario? Was is the good guy? Neither. Elisjsha, using a gun, saved countless lives. He was the good guy. The perpetrator, also using a gun, wanted to murder dozens. He was the bad guy. The gun, therefore, is neutral and has no inherent moral standing. It depends how it is used. 

Abortion, however, is nearly always elective (i.e. medically unnecessary) and, thus, is predominantly evil. Not only can we justly attach a moral stigma to baby-murder, but the practice is a clear violation of the right of life we all are meant, by our Creator, to enjoy. The Declaration of Independence confirms that the right of life is one of the things our forefathers fought the War for Independence about. 

Since 1776, it has been one of the express purposes of the U.S. government to defend the right of life of the People. Yet, the abortion activists screech that their “rights” are being violated when we attempt to prevent them from killing kids. In truth, they are the ones violating the right of life. It is not a violation of one’s free will to prevent them from taking the life of an innocent human being. 

To further ease their screaming consciences about snuffing out the lives of defenseless babies, however, these radicals label their atrocities “pro-choice” and pretend that they are the real victims of oppression. They claim this disgusting act is a “right.” Yet, we can’t have both the right to life and the “right” to abortion because the two are contradictions. Only one is a right; the other is an abomination. 

These baby killers have also said the despicable act is “liberating.” It takes serious mental gymnastics to believe that killing an innocent, precious child is “liberating.” The Satanic Temple has taken it a step further, however, elevating baby-murder to a “sacrament” and arguing it is a religious rite protected by the First Amendment. Not only is this the epitome of blasphemy, but it is a perversion of rule of law, the law of nature, and American-style republicanism. 

Another term that should make you bristle is “government money.” The government has no money. In the first place, government is an agent of the People. They are elected and are accountable to us, not the other way around. That they may tax fairly and equally is constitutionally-established. But they have perverted this delegated power to tax and oversee money by establishing a privately-owned, foreign-controlled “national” bank deceptively called the Federal Reserve that prints and manipulates currency at will and by instituting graduated taxation straight out of The Communist Manifesto. The name “Federal Reserve” is another of those word manipulations since the Federal Reserve is not part of the federal government and since it has zero reserves. 

The U.S. government, which the Federal Reserve has openly said it is not accountable to, is, with the central bank, the most fiscally irresponsible entity in existence and the United States now sits at nearly $31 trillion in the hole. Andrew Jackson fought and defeated this banker cabal in his day because he saw how dangerous it was to American sovereignty, prosperity, and Freedom. Jackson was a Jeffersonian in principle. The great Thomas Jefferson had previously opposed Hamilton’s Anglophile national bank scheme and warned that banks and reckless spending would plunge the nation into bondage: 

“And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale” (Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, May 28, 1816). 

We also err when we talk of the U.S. dollar as “money.” It is not money. It is fiat paper currency backed by nothing but false hope and empty promises. It is not backed by gold or silver as the U.S. Constitution requires. Our economy is a house of cards that is beginning to implode because it is based on paper instead of something of substance. Thomas Jefferson said of paper money: 

“The bankruptcies in London have recommenced with new force. There is no saying where this fire will end. Perhaps in the general conflagration of all their paper. If not now, it must ere long. With only 20 millions of coin, and three or four hundred million of circulating paper, public and private, nothing is necessary but a general panic, produced either by failures, invasion or any other cause, and the whole visionary fabric vanishes into air and shews that paper is poverty, that it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself” (Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, May 27, 1788). 

The Father of our Country, George Washington, was also opposed to fictitious paper money, telling Thomas Jefferson in a letter: 

“Some other States are, in my opinion, falling into very foolish & wicked plans of emitting paper money. I cannot however give up my hopes & expectations that we shall ere long adopt a more liberal system of policy. What circumstances will lead, or what misfortunes will compel us to it, is more than can be told without the spirit of prophecy” (George Washington to Thomas Jefferson, August 1, 1786). 

A short six months later, General Washington wrote even more bluntly to Jabez Bowen: 

“Paper money has had the effect in your State that it ever will have, to ruin commerce—oppress the honest, and open a door to every species of fraud and injustice” (George Washinton to Jabez Bowen, January, January 9, 1787). 

Despite the death spiral our ghost of an economy is in, the current regime continues to say all is well and that we have the strongest economy on record. What a lie! Everyone knows this is false. Everyone sees the massive price increases at the grocery store. Everyone feels the stab of inflation at the pumps. Everyone knows it is a lie, yet the lies persist and the People accept it; grudgingly, to be sure, but they accept it nonetheless and refuse to rise up against the tyrants who have hijacked our nation

Among the many lies told by our government and media is the whopper that vaccines are “safe and effective.” Everyone who has taken the time to study the matter knows that no vaccine is safe, that vaccines have never eradicated any disease, and that the damage done by vaccines to humanity in the form of cancer, brain damage, autism, allergies, miscarriages, Sudden Instant Death Syndrome (SIDS), kidney failure, autoimmune disorders, heart attacks, and so forth, is nothing short of deliberate genocide. Vaccine science is Satanic science. This vaccination voodoo is complete and utter hokum. 

To cite only six excellent researchers who have exposed the corruption of the vaccine industry and the grave danger of vaccines, see Dr. Suzanne Humphries and her excellent book Dissolving Illusions, Dr. Judy Mikovits and her book Ending Plague, Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and Dr. Thomas Cowan and his book Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness as well as the research of the Weston A. Price Foundation to which he belongs. 

The Coronahoax was the ultimate in gaslighting and deception. First, the Trump government said “two weeks to stop the spread.” Never forget it was a Republican regime that locked down America and started the mass vaccine genocide program. Then the regime and state governments used the momentum to shut down the country, destroy travel, derail the economy, smash the middle class, curtail religious Liberty, suspend the Constitution, unconstitutionally expand the size of government, convince people to inhibit their oxygen by strapping ineffective masks over their faces, and terrify millions into getting an experimental vaccine that has since terminated the lives of tens of thousands of people and crippled countless more. If you take nothing else out of this article, take away a healthy skepticism of Big Pharma, the medical-industrial complex, and doctors generally. 

Two other common refrains are, first, that “you can be whatever you want to be” and, second, that “you are perfect just the way you are.” Both of these cheerful slogans are false and dangerous. Society has pushed the first one into the realm of mental illness. Transgenderism is a mental illness and it is symptomatic of the idea that we can be whatever we want to be. If we are a woman, we can be a man. If we are a man, we can be a woman. If we are a human, we can be a cat. Facts are fluid in minds that have accepted “you can be whatever you want to be” as doctrine instead of accepting the truth that men are men and women are women and that can never change regardless of all the cosmetic surgeries and hormone pills a person takes. 

The second is wishful thinking. Is a morbidly obese person “perfect just the way they are”? Is “every body beautiful”? No! While beauty is subjective, doctors, nutritionists, and scientists can indeed objectively state that obesity is dangerous and unhealthy and that being fit and eating right is better for longevity, productiveness, health, and happiness. What is beautiful about blubber? What is attractive about laziness and uncleanness? A few extra pounds – who really cares? But living a slovenly, sedentary, comatose life is unhealthy, unproductive, unattractive, soul-sapping, and damaging to everyone. 

Eating white refined sugar, regularly drinking soda, drinking alcohol, smoking, drinking psychoactive coffee, doing drugs, consuming GMO food, staring at a screen all day long, exposing yourself to harmful radiation, watching porn, sleeping around, cohabitating – these are all objectively damaging. If you are lazy, fat, unhealthy, sedentary, uneducated, uninvolved in society, undeveloped in your communication skills, immodest in your dress and language, and so forth, you are not “perfect just the way you are” and you need to shape up. 

See https://www.facebook.com/TraditionalWest/

Another big lie is to call the horde of illegal invaders rushing across our southern border “undocumented aliens.” To be here without documents is, by definition. to be here illegally. To commit an illegal act means you have violated some law (whether that law is just is another matter). It means, legally speaking, you are a criminal. Why, then, do people allow the enemy to restrict their language – which is an essential part of their power as a free individual – and induce them to use insufficient words that downplay the seriousness of this crime? 

Religious leader Elder Neal A. Maxwell once made a statement that applies to everything covered so far in this article and everything below. He observed truthfully: 

“The more what is politically correct seeks to replace what God has declared correct, the more ineffective approaches to human problems there will be, all reminding us of C. S. Lewis’s metaphor about those who run around with fire extinguishers in times of flood. For instance, there are increasing numbers of victims of violence and crime, yet special attention is paid to the rights of criminals. Accompanying an ever increasing addiction to pornography are loud alarms against censorship. Rising illegitimacy destroys families and threatens the funding capacities of governments; nevertheless, chastity and fidelity are mocked. These and other consequences produce a harsh cacophony. When Nero fiddled as Rome burned, at least he made a little music! I have no hesitancy, brothers and sisters, in stating that unless checked, permissiveness, by the end of its journey, will cause humanity to stare in mute disbelief at its awful consequences. 

“Ironically, as some people become harder, they use softer words to describe dark deeds. This, too, is part of being sedated by secularism!” (Elder Neal A. Maxwell, “Becometh as a Child,” General Conference, April, 1996). 

Yes, the act of mutilating language beyond recognition and sense will aid us on our journey to hell and destruction. This is by design by the enemy of mankind and his willing minions which are strategically embedded in society. 

The enemy loves to use buzz words to smear patriotic opposition to their Satanic schemes. Favorite smears include: Anti-Semite; Nazi; Fascist; racist; imperialist; jingoist; isolationist; nationalist; white supremacist; Christo-Fascist; KKK; homophobic; transphobic; bigot; intolerant; religious extremist; right-wing extremist; and domestic terrorist. 

If you criticize communism, you are immediately labeled an “anti-Semite” and a “Nazi” (perhaps Shakespeare’s paraphrase “methinks thou dost protest too much” is applicable here; also, read what Winston Churchill said about who runs communism here). If you oppose the scourge of black crime in America, they call you a “racist” instead of a realist. If you oppose illegal immigration and drugs and sex slavers flooding across our southern border, they call you “racist” and claim you’re not compassionate – as if keeping the border wide open and encouraging people to make the long trek up to the States along which they will be raped, abused, kidnapped, extorted, or killed by drug cartels is “compassionate.” If you oppose foreign wars, they call you an “isolationist.” If you support intervention to stop criminal regimes abroad, they call you an “imperialist.” If you love America, they call you a “nationalist” – as if putting your country first a bad thing! If you oppose men or women betraying their biology, going against nature, and copulating with the same gender on either scientific or religious grounds, they call you “homophobic” and “hateful.” If you dare suggest that universal morality or, worse, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, have a place at the table in public discourse, schools, media, entertainment, or the halls of government, they call you a “religious extremist,” a “bigot,” or a “Christo-Fascist.” If you refuse to accept, embrace, and bow before the throne of evil, perversion, and collectivist tyranny, you are called “intolerant,” a “right-wing extremist,” or a “domestic terrorist.” So be it! 

Wear the labels proudly, fellow freeman. Wear them as a badge of honor and as proof that your resistance to tyranny is having an effect. Don’t cower before the mindless mob. Don’t be afraid of outlandish and idiotic slurs like “racist” and “Nazi.” If opposing statism makes you a “Nazi,” so be it! Either rebuff the word-manipulators and their overused, tired, absurd smears or embrace them with the knowledge they have no meaning to intelligent people. 

Heretofore, all of my criticisms have been leveled specifically at the Western language manglers. However, the East mastered the art of deception long before we did. KGB-trained dictator Vladimir Putin could teach a master class on manipulation. Russians have a history of always lying and deceiving. It’s part of their culture – political and otherwise. From Potemkin villages to Soviet forgery factories to Putin’s famous doublespeak, Russia is the ultimate master of manipulation and many of the destructive word and thought trends in America were imported from Russia by Soviet moles and agents of subversion. 

And that’s what this all boils down to – communism. People often prefer the more ambiguous term “globalism,” but the agenda of the “globalists” is a savage form of socialism and corporatism patterned off of Bolshevistic communism in the Soviet Union. Lenin called the Western counterpart “state capitalism.” Whatever you call it, the Eastern and Western proponents are disciples of Karl Marx and the greater conspiracy that Marx was only one part of, which was once known as the Order of Illuminati.  

J. Edgar Hoover once said that communists are the “masters of deceit” and wrote a book of the same title. In it, he said that recognizing communist trickery is one of the keys to thwarting communism. He explained: 

“Communism is at war with America. The United States is a vast battlefield. A school, a labor union, a civic group, a government official, a private citizen — all are important in the never-ending struggle for power. 

“The whole nation, to the communists, is a gigantic checker- board. The communist high command is constantly moving, jumping, switching, and retreating to get communist members in positions of influence. They are outnumbered; they know that. That is why they must depend on skill, maneuvering, and deception. . . . 

“The strength of this inner circle, the real backbone of communist striking power, lies not in numbers but in organized deception. Following Lenin’s teachings, the Party is a small, compact, and highly mobile group that can strike quickly with great fury, often achieving objectives unwarranted by its numbers. Today’s membership is hard, well trained, and disciplined. The weak, fainthearted, and skeptical have been purged. Those who remain faithful to the Party are dedicated to the communist revolution” (Hoover, Masters of Deceit, 95, 97). 

Join my Gab group World War Truth here: https://gab.com/groups/66508

Organized deception, organized crime, organized evil – that’s what faces us. We have no united front against communism. We are disorganized and the communists take advantage of our lethargy, divisions, and ignorance to push us around and prompt us to destroy each other. Hijacking our language, and, thus, our minds, was crucial in this process. The communists could have never gained such stunning success without first having tapped into and manipulated our minds and psyches. They did it by gradually changing our language, by using media to make certain terms and ideas taboo, and by smearing all opposition with the absurd labels noted earlier. 

The brainwashing (a Chinese term for communist indoctrination) of our population has been wildly successful, though millions of us are still grounded in truth and have the gift of discernment. A large section of our country, however, has been so propagandized that they now believe sex and gender are social constructs! 

Earlier this month, Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary changed part of their definition of “female” to read: “having a gender identity that is the opposite of male.” Now, gender isn’t grounded in reality, biology, or science, it’s whatever you want it to be. Remember, “you can be whatever you want to be” – just as long as whatever fantasy you’ve concocted for yourself doesn’t lead you to oppose the relentless assault on Faith, Family, and Freedom by the communist conspiracy

Choose to dissent from the crowd. Rise above the smears by ignoring them or embracing them. Let them call you a “Nazi” or a “racist” or an “extremist”; what does it matter what a communist calls you? These criminals have wrecked our nation and world, destroyed the global economy, set loose plagues and pushed vaccine genocide, have broken up our families, have snapped the American mind with lies and deceit, and are now trying to disarm us so they can unleash an orgy of death, destruction, and misery that will surpass the darkest days of the Soviet Union or Maoist China. Now is the time to heed John Adams’ plea: 

“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write. Let every order and degree among the people rouse their attention and animate their resolution. Let them all become attentive to the grounds and principles of government, ecclesiastical and civil. Let us study the law of nature; search into the spirit of the British constitution; read the histories of ancient ages; contemplate the great examples of Greece and Rome; set before us the conduct of our own British ancestors, who have defended for us the inherent rights of mankind against foreign and domestic tyrants and usurpers, against arbitrary kings and cruel priests, in short, against the gates of earth and hell. . . .  

“In a word, let every sluice of knowledge be opened and set a-flowing” (John Adams, “A Dissertation on the Canon and the Feudal Law,” 1765). 

When we open the spigots of knowledge, learning, refinement, and education, we place ourselves in a position to effectively and articulately resist tyranny, to see through the fog of war, to discern between fact and fiction, and to persuade others to reject error and stand for truth boldly in the face of criticism. Let us be men of deep learning, sound principles, and moral rectitude. Let us pierce the web of lies and seize the truth. Let us win this war of words that we may win the battle for the American mind and, thus, effect another American Revolution that will open a golden age for humanity. 

Zack Strong, 
July 23, 2022