Mission Statement: To stand boldly as a witness of Christ and defend His Gospel from the machinations of Satan and his followers; to safeguard Freedom and personal agency against communism and all forms of tyranny; to protect the Constitution and hold violators and oath-breakers responsible for their treason; to shield homes and traditional families from the insidious advances of feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism, and all other perversions of nature and the patriarchal order; to disseminate truth and expose the daily lies of the enemy; to promote the individual, and individual rights, in the face of the collectivist onslaught; to raise awareness of the ennobling truth that humans have a divine lineage and are the literal children of God our Father and, as such, did not only not evolve from lower lifeforms, but have a limitless potential; to empower the individual with knowledge, truth, light, and understanding so that he can lift himself and protect his family from the darkness of our day.