Welcome to The American Citadel. It is my goal to create a platform where sincere people can come to learn precious truths and study uncensored lessons on topics ranging from conspiracy to Satanism to religion to current events, and so forth.

My name is Zack Strong. From a young age, I have been intensely interested in politics, history, and religion. About age twelve, I came to understand the danger communism posed, despite its facade of weakness. From that time till the present I have continued to dig deeper and have studied Luciferianism, Satanism, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Freemasonry, the Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Zionism, communism, feminism, the New Age movement, the American Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution, the principles of Liberty, and dozens of other philosophies, movements, organizations, and trends.

I place a strong emphasis on traditional values, patriarchal marriage, and the family unit. After God, nothing is more important than family. Families are the foundational unit of society. The health of any society is directly attributable to the health of its families, and families are only as strong as the marriage that brought them into existence. We must never bow to the militant assaults of the feminists, homosexuals, and others of like stripe who want to destroy the basic, God-ordained concepts of marriage and family.

I am an unashamed member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. People usually call us “Mormons,” though I prefer the term Christian since the Savior Jesus Christ is our Master, and His Atonement is the central focus of our teachings. From 2006-2008, I served a volunteer mission for my Church in Russia, where I learned the Russian language and had a myriad of enlightening experiences.

In 2014, I ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in Utah’s 3rd District. I ran under the Independent American Party’s banner. I was affiliated with that group for many years, during which time I not only ran for office, but directed their Facebook page, sat on two committees, gave public addresses, and wrote some 54 articles and a set of Party documents.

In addition to writing articles and posts for my various Facebook pages, I am the author of three books. My first was A Century of Red. This book details the origins, history, and legacy of the communist conspiracy, with an emphasis on its occult origins. I detail many of the front movements the conspirators have used to subvert our culture, such as the feminist and environmentalist movements. If you have ever wanted to know the politically-incorrect truth about communism, I invite you to buy my book.

My second book is titled Red Gadiantons: What the Prophets Have Taught about the Communist Secret Combination that Threatens Mankind. This book also tackles the mammoth threat of communism; however, I take a much more scripturally-based point of view. I trace the history of secret societies from the days of Cain to the present. I cite dozens of statements by modern prophets, as well as numerous statements from Soviet defectors who warned the West of the communist plot. Red Gadiantons is jam-packed with information crucial to our survival as a free People.

My third book is The Lineage of the Gods. This work details man’s true origin as children of God. It highlights our Parent-child relationship with Heavenly Father. Using the holy scriptures and teachings of modern prophets, I talk about the nature of God, the errors of Darwinism, the life before this earth was created, and Biblical doctrine of man’s potential to become like God. If you want to know your true identity and potential, and come to better know God and His Son Jesus Christ (John 17:3), get a copy of this book. To find all of my books in one location, see my Amazon author’s page here.

Politically, I am a constitutionalist. I believe that the U.S. Constitution was and is an inspired document; a sacred document. I stand beside it and will defend it to the last drop of my blood. I particularly favor the Jeffersonian philosophy of republicanism. I revere the Sage of Monticello, and love the Founding Fathers.

My activism did not end in 2014 when I came in third in my bid for office. Rather, I have felt a sense of greater urgency. To wit, I have created seven Facebook pages and a group on a myriad of topics – feminism, Luciferianism, the Red Plague of communism, religion, World War II, etc. I invite you to peruse those pages – listed below – just as I invite you to read my articles on this site. Also, please check out my YouTube podcast called Liberty Wolf.

My desire in creating this page is to spread truth and light, and to provide a source for people who are seeking understanding regarding difficult and controversial subjects. I will attempt to write professional articles that are accurate, well-referenced, and truthful. I don’t mince words, and I’m normally blunt. I don’t care for political correctness, safe spaces, or so-called tolerance. Not all opinions or ideologies are equal. My goal is truth – pure and unadulterated. Sincere, honest people will respect the truth, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it may appear.

I invite you to share my articles on your blogs, websites, Facebook pages, with your friends, etc. Education is the key to positive change and legitimate progress. Let’s each be engaged in learning and teaching, and in shining the Lord’s light as far and wide as we can. Only light dispels darkness. So let us be fiery lights in an increasingly dark and depraved world. Let us be watchmen on the tower, warning our friends and all who will listen. Let us man our posts and never allow this American Citadel to crumble.

Zack Strong
May 30, 2017.

My Facebook pages and groups:

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*Updated February 28, 2019.