United Front Against Bolshevism

For the sixth time, yours truly has been banned from Facebook. Nine days ago, I ended a 30-day Facebook ban. But the censorship continues as one of my anti-Bolshevism posts, shared months ago, was targeted and used as an excuse to silence me. Consequently, I have been banned yet again for 30 days across all of my pages, pages with a combined total of over 6,200 likes and a weekly reach in the tens of thousands. The powers-that-be can’t stand when someone unapologetically and coherently speaks the truth about their communist ideology and practices. With that in mind, I am writing yet another article about the Bolsheviks who dominate our society and corrupt it like a vicious cancer.

The post that got me banned this time was an anti-Bolshevism Norwegian World War II poster. It says “Felles Front Mot Bolsjevismen” in Norwegian. In other words, “United Front Against Bolshevism” or “Common Front Against Bolshevism.” The exact poster is represented below. Judge for yourself whether an anti-communist poster merits a 30-day Facebook ban.


“United Front Against Bolshevism”

Bolshevism, or Satanic communism as it should properly be known, is the greatest threat to the world. My recent article “Unparalleled Evil” explains that no other ideology has committed as many atrocities and spread as much evil as has communism. It is the Red Plague that is sweeping the globe, ravaging economies, cultures, and nations. Communism is a demonic spiritual sickness. It is a devouring contagion that must be quarantined and eradicated if society is to survive.

Dr. Fred Schwarz, author of the classic book You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists), warned that we must be alert and aware in order to combat the communist conspiracy:

“A knowledge of the true program of Communism and its strategy and tactics is the only protection good people of every sort have against the Communist snare. . . .

“The Communists are magnificently organized. They have dedicated personnel and they have acquired vast experience. Only on a basis of understanding, organization and dedication can we hope to meet and defeat them . . . eyes that see and minds that think must merge with hearts that love freedom, to meet this challenge” (56, 66).


The respected Ezra Taft Benson gave us a similar warning. He stated:

“Once you get the facts about our American Constitutional Republic and the threats to it – then you are going to want to do something. Certainly those who are organized and have a plan and are dedicated, though they be few, will always defeat the many who are not organized and have no plan or dedication. . . .

“Yes, the Fabian Socialists are as busy as bees rolling out the red carpet which leads inevitably to Communism. Faced with this situation our first duty is that of education. Starting with ourselves we must become familiar with the broad outlines of our movement toward destruction. We must, as President McKay has urged, become alerted and informed. After becoming informed ourselves, we must carry the word to all within hearing or seeing range, so that they, too, can become awakened. Take every opportunity to pass sound literature and books around so that your neighbors and their neighbors will awaken before it is too late. We are literally in a race against time and we must take every opportunity to spread the word” (President Ezra Taft Benson, “A Race Against Time,” BYU address, December 10, 1963).

The great anti-communist crusader J. Edgar Hoover likewise advised:

“Communism can exist only where it is protected and hidden. The spotlight of public exposure is the most effective means we have to use in destroying the communist conspiracy. Drag that conspiracy into the light! Tear it apart. Reveal the flaws in its philosophy. Keep the pressure on it. Force it into retreat” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Lion, October, 1957, in Jerreld Newquist, ed., Prophets, Principles and National Survival, 251).


I have tirelessly attempted to shine the spotlight on the communist conspiracy by publishing two books, writing articles, publishing podcast episodes, and creating countless online posts on the subject. I even have an anti-communist t-shirt in the works. I’ve done what I can with my limited resources to warn my countrymen of the mortal threat facing them.

I love America. I love our Republic. I love our inspired Constitution. I love our unique and unmatched heritage of Liberty. And I oppose every attempt to destroy that God-given Freedom. Like Thomas Jefferson, “I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” (Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, September 23, 1800). And no tyranny is more malicious, malignant, and menacing than Bolshevism.

Most people believe the myth that “communism is dead.” They also believe the mantra that the Soviet Union “collapsed.” My political awakening occurred at age twelve when I realized that communism was not dead. If people realized this fact, I believe a mass awakening could occur and we could mobilize against the communist traitors in our midst. Until that happens, however, we will not be able to put up a truly united front against Bolshevism.

In his 1987 book Perestroika, Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev admitted that communism was getting an outward makeover, but that nothing substantive was changing. He confessed that “Perestroika,” the so-called “restructuring” of the Soviet Union, was a total sham:

“[Perestroika] has to a far greater extent been prompted by an awareness that the potential of socialism had been underutilized.

“The works of Lenin and his ideals of socialism remained for us an inexhaustible source of dialectical creative thought, theoretical wealth and political sagacity. His very image is an undying example of lofty moral strength, all-round spiritual culture and selfless devotion to the cause of the people and to socialism. Lenin lives on in the minds and hearts of millions of people. . . .

“Turning to Lenin has greatly stimulated the Party and society in their search to find explanations and answers to the questions that have arisen. . . .

“The essence of perestroika lies in the fact that it unites socialism with democracy and revives the Leninist concept of socialist construction both in theory and in practice. Such is the essence of perestroika, which accounts for its genuine revolutionary spirit and its all-embracing scope. . . .

“Perestroika is closely connected with socialism as a system. . . .

“Does perestroika mean that we are giving up socialism or at least some of its foundations? Some ask this question with hope, others with misgiving. . . .

“To put an end to all the rumors and speculations that abound in the West about this, I would like to point out once again that we are conducting all our reforms in accordance with the socialist choice. We are looking within socialism, rather than outside it, for the answers to all the questions that arise. We assess our successes and errors alike by socialist standards. Those who hope that we shall move away from the socialist path will be greatly disappointed. Every part of our program of perestroika—and the program as a whole, for that matter—is fully based on the principle of more socialism and more democracy” (Mikhail Gorbachev, Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World, 10, 25, 35-36).


“Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live!”

This one confession should be enough to convince the skeptics that the Soviets did not go away, but merely changed their mask. Perestroika was not a conversion to “democracy,” though it uses the term “democracy” as often as possible in order to carry forth the ruse. This accords with The Communist Manifesto’s battle plan. Karl Marx wrote that “the first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of ruling class to win the battle of democracy.” Democracy, then, is a mere code word for revolution in the communist vocabulary.

Gorbachev’s “Perestroika” was nothing but a push for more revolution and a full embrace of Leninism. Vladimir Lenin, you will recall, led the Bolshevik coup in Russia in 1917, butchered millions of the Russian people, caused famines and laughed at the human suffering that resulted, ravished churches and persecuted Christians, and was the high priest of the communist revolt against humanity in his day. This is the doctrine that Gorbachev’s “restructuring” in Russia was meant to achieve. As he confessed, “The essence of perestroika lies in the fact that it unites socialism with democracy and revives the Leninist concept of socialist construction both in theory and in practice. Such is the essence of perestroika, which accounts for its genuine revolutionary spirit and its all-embracing scope.”

Can we finally see through the Soviets’ lies that the USSR “collapsed” and communism “died”? Can we finally acknowledge that the Evil Empire has not gone away, but still threatens us under the iron leadership of “former” KGB agent Vladimir Putin? Can we finally wake up and recognize the communist traitors in our midst, such as Bolshevik Bernie and Comrade Cortez? Can we finally, after all this time, listen to those who have been warning about the Bolshevik fifth column that is subverting our nation?


When we encounter censorship, character assassination, cries of racism, “white guilt” insanity, legislative subversion, judicial activism, and cultural corruption, we can rest assured that the perpetrators are the exact same as those who actively tried to bring us down during the Cold War. The enemy has not retreated. We did not win the Cold War. In fact, we lost it without even realizing. We have labored under false delusions of victory for some thirty years. All the while, the communist enemy has advanced, armed to the teeth, entrenched itself, and prepared to deliver the final death blow to the West.

People scoff and call me a “conspiracy theorist.” Yet, conspiracy is a proven, documentable fact of life. And the communist conspiracy was an acknowledged fact for decades, as were its subversion efforts in our country. It is a fact that more people have been slaughtered by communist hands than by any other. It is a fact that the Soviet Empire advanced farther and faster than any other empire in history, enslaving most of the world. Did the hardened, committed murderers in the Kremlin and in Beijing simply throw up their hands, give up their power, and retire? Hardly! Evil doesn’t relinquish its power without bloodshed. It simply doesn’t and didn’t happen. And communism never died.

Bolshevism is a Satanic, demonic threat – a vicious conspiracy to snuff out Freedom and subject us to socialistic, monopolistic tyranny. The movement is more powerful and prevalent than ever before. Deluded Americans are now marching in the streets with hammer and sickle flags, celebrating communist holidays like International Women’s Day, reverencing communist icons like Martin Luther King, Jr., and turning out in droves to hear and vote for avowed socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Yet, people have the audacity to say communism is dead!

Communism is in its endgame now. We are on the brink of domestic anarchy and world war. Our culture is rotten and everyone is at each other’s throat for everything. Censorship is in full swing – particularly against anyone who speaks out against the Bolshevik conspiracy. If we continue down this path, we will soon have an open and avowed socialist for president to match our hostile Congress and activist Supreme Court. We will be buried in debt, immorality, bureaucracy, contention, lies, and war. Yet, we should not be surprised. After all, the Soviet mass-murderer Nikita Khrushchev angrily vowed all those years ago: “We will bury you!”

Founding Fathers10

If we are to defeat the communists, we must admit the threat. If we are to survive as a society, communism must be quarantined and eliminated. If we are to revive our Republic with our God-given rights, we must create a united front against Bolshevism. As our Founding Fathers said to their fellow countrymen when faced with the prospect of British tyranny, “Join or Die!” You’re either with us or with the communists. There is no middle ground. Choose very carefully.

Zack Strong,

March 2, 2019.

16 thoughts on “United Front Against Bolshevism

  1. Regrettably, western historiography is quite biased against Germany and things German. Did you know that National Socialism is more than just some type of amalgamation of nationalism and socialism? The Jewish interests, which controlled both Soviet Bolshevism, and finance capitalism in London and New York, worked to force war on to Germany. The US, under the tyrant FDR, allied itself with the USSR, and saved them in late 1941 with Lend-Lease.

    As well, the only book that I ever came across that deals with the Spanish Civil War accurately is the by Warren Carroll. It is called The Last Crusade. The “republicans” in Spain, who were communists and anarchists, committed terrible atrocities against the Spanish people.

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    • I agree. And yes, I was aware of those concealed points of history. I’ve noted them in my own books, in fact. Here is an excerpt regarding Spain from my book “A Century of Red.” It is not a point I emphasize much, but I always make sure people remember the real origins of the Spanish Civil War, as well as the slaughter of Cristeros in Mexico, the atrocities in Hungary, etc.

      “In Spain, during the civil war sparked by communist revolutionaries in 1936, over 14,000 were murdered. International brigades of communists flooded in from around the world, including the Jewish-dominated Abraham Lincoln Brigade from the United States. Jewish communists played a leading role in the revolution. Under their hand, Catholic priests were singled out for execution. Nearly 7,000 of the 14,000 murdered were priests, while another 3,300 were monks, nuns, or bishops. An estimated 20,000 churches were destroyed.

      “Though demonized today as a “fascist,” General Francisco Franco led his troops to victory over these communist revolutionaries.

      “Ex-communist Bella Dodd, then a loyal member of the Communist Party USA, made several observations about the communist revolution in Spain as well as the attitude in the United States. She wrote:

      ““The communist publicists carefully took for their own the pleasant word of Loyalist and called all who opposed them “Franco-Fascists.” This was a literary coup which confused many men and women. Violent communist literature repeatedly lumped all of the Church hierarchy on the side of the “Fascists,” and, using this technique, they sought to destroy the Church by attacking its priests. This was not a new tactic. I had seen it used in our own country over and over again. When the Communists organized Catholic workers, Irish and Polish and Italian, in labor unions they always drove a wedge between lay Catholics and the priests, by flattering the laity and attacking the priests.

      ““In the Spanish campaign the Communists in the United States followed Moscow directives. They were the distant outpost of the Soviet realm and co-ordinated with the Communist International in details. . . .

      ““Various unions were combed for members who would join the Abraham Lincoln Brigade which was the American division of the International Brigade. . . .

      ““I, myself, swallowed the Party’s lies on the Spanish Civil War. There was little forthcoming from American national leaders to expose this fraud. The Party, from time to time, produced a few poor, bewildered Spanish priests who, we were told, were Loyalists and these were publicized as the “People’s priests” as against the others, the Fascists. In retrospect it is easy to see how completely they twisted the American’s love of freedom and justice to win emotional support for the Soviet adventure in Spain.””


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  2. A lot of what you say is relevant: there is an absolute marxist conspiracy to destroy the US and of course the ultimate marxist phantasy of global domination. And yes, the Democratic party is completely compromised and those subversive fiends are lurking elsewhere in the public sector while some businesses are full-on marxist totalitarian operations. But you are too stuck on an outmoded cold-war analogy; these types of conspiracies historically are absolute failures (Russia is not going to get anywhere near the imperialism they experienced as a totalitarian expropriation of feudalism neither will China). At the moment the marxists have fallen to the most desperate level and are now wagging racism as “social justice.” While these imbeciles are committed to attempting their race war in US such a high delusion will set them up to be eradicated for all humanity. I guess one way you look at it is that this generation of marxists will be more closely related to what the NAZI party was without ever gaining massive traction before they are condemned. Just think, the “occupy wallstreet” thing never achieved any results except to galvanize all those defunct reactionaries with NAZI rhetoric to then “occupy democrats.”


    • My outlook is not in the slightest outdated. People think that communism died when in fact it did not. They think the Soviet Union “collapsed” when in fact it was a ruse put over to fool the West and lull us into a false sense of security. I’ve pretty conclusively proved this in my books “A Century of Red” and “Red Gadiantons.” And communism has absolutely zero similarities to National Socialism. The National Socialists were the avowed enemies of the communist conspiracy, just like they opposed Freemasonry, the international bankers, feminism, etc. And if you really think that the Marxists haven’t gained “mass traction,” I’m not sure what to tell you. Each of our news outlets is communist. Our universities are dominated by communists. Academia is a communist stronghold. Hollywood is dominated by them. Washington is full of them and the American People are now voting for open socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. If you examine the ten planks of The Communist Manifesto, we’ve implemented each and every one of them here in the United States. There is not one government in the world, in fact, that doesn’t operate on socialist principles. Again, there is nothing outmoded or old-fashioned about calling communists communists and warning of the most Satanic, powerful, and threatening cabal the world has ever faced. And if we don’t wake up soon and fight fire with fire, we’re finished. Zack Strong

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  3. There is another dimension or facet of all this to be concerned about. The founders and framers did not envision an Empire, but a republic for these United States. We now have a military-industrial-banking-government complex in the US that is totally out of control. Why US military bases all over the world? Why wars in the Middle East that do not benefit the US? Think about it. Closing our southern border is much more important than maintaining this military presence around the globe.


  4. Good post! I find it so sad that those who seek the truth of history are labelled as conspiracy theorists, yet the preface of the Communist Manifesto written by Frederick Engels itself clearly states that it is “unavoidably a secret society”. Marx himself advocates for sedition in his closing on page 44; “In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.”
    So, not only is it inherently conspiratorial, it disavows social and political order “everywhere”?!? But it’s not dangerous, right?

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  5. We saw a piece last week about a recent book: A Specter Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism, by Paul Hanebrink, Harvard University Press, 2018. The review and critique of the book exposed it for its falsification and spin of history. Bear in mind, that the smear of “anti-Semtism” is used to both divert attention from true facts that expose Jewish villainy, and to stifle any criticism of Jews by painting such criticism with the very broad brush of “anti-Semitism”.


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