“American Communist” – An Oxymoron

I recently saw an otherwise accurate social media post that said we need to stop calling the enemy “liberals” and call them what they really are – “American Communists.” While I emphatically agree that the greatest enemies are the Satanic communists – that is precisely what the so-called “globalists” are – I also emphatically disagree that a communist can be an American. Yes, communists exist in this land. Some of them were even born and raised in the United States. Yet, they are no more American than if they had been born and raised in Red China. 

What does it mean to be an “American”? That title is sacred to me. An “American” is one who believes in the true principles of Liberty, who defends Faith, Families, and Freedom, and who honors the U.S. Constitution as humanity’s finest charter of Liberty. An American embraces the unequalled heritage of America, most particularly the legacy of those noble men who settled this blessed continent, waged war for its Independence, and founded the United States’ unique government through inspiration from on high.  

Communists, by contrast, despise the United States, hate our history, ridicule our forefathers, call them and us “racists,” “anti-Semites,” and “Nazis,” for manfully opposing their schemes, spit upon our Constitution which inhibits their power grabs, advance a culture of moral degradation and godlessness, and promote an unconstitutional system of top-down bureaucratic rule of the Elite and collectivized serfdom for the rest. 

Americans, then, cannot be communists, and communists cannot be Americans. Never call a communist an “American.” Such is an oxymoronic contradiction. Americans and communists are eternal enemies. We are diametrically opposed and can never find common ground. For a true American, there is no compromise with communism. 

One of the most outspoken anti-communists in our history made this statement: 

“Let’s get one thing straight at the very beginning. International communism is the self-avowed enemy of every loyal American. It has declared war against us and fully intends to win. The war in which we are engaged is total. Although its main battlefields are psychological, political and economic, it also encompasses revolution, violence, terror and limited military skirmishes. If we should lose this war, the conquering enemy’s wrath against our people and our institutions will result in one of the greatest blood-baths of all history. Call it a “cold war” if it makes you feel better, but our freedom and our very lives are the stakes of this contest” (Ezra Taft Benson, An Enemy Hath Done This, 165). 

This is a point we must never forget. Even if we wanted to proclaim peace and enact a treaty of friendship with the communists (and most of us naturally prefer peace), it is impossible to do so because they have declared war against our Faith, Families, and Freedom. Many people say, “it takes two to tango.” In war, however, this is false. It only takes one side to start and continue a war. And the communists both declared and started this way long before any of us now living were born. They have waged it doggedly for generations. They are entering their end game for world conquest as we speak. 

Another time, in his superb exposé on how socialism is a conjoined twin of communism and leads intentionally to Marxian “paradise,” Benson declared: 

“I say to Americans and to people everywhere; no true Christian, no true believer in Christ, can be a communist. These dangerous philosophies of communism are anti-Christ and are wholly incompatible with our God-given freedom and the true gospel of Jesus Christ. 

“It is not alone hunger and poverty and oppression that afflict so many in this sweeping program of man’s inhumanity to man. In country after country faith in God has been ruthlessly destroyed. 

“We have long known that the abolition of all religion is the ultimate goal of communism. Lenin has said: “Atheism is a natural and inseparable portion of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism. Our propaganda necessarily includes propaganda for atheism”” (Ezra Taft Benson, The Red Carpet: Socialism – The Royal Road to Communism, 35). 

Because of its overt hostility to the Savior Jesus Christ and the foundational precepts of His Gospel and of eternal law generally, communism is “anti-Christ.” It is “wholly incompatible” with the Lord’s Gospel of Liberty. It is also illegal under the Constitution of the United States and according to laws passed, but never enforced, by the federal government during the Cold War. See my article “Communism is Treason” for more on the inherent and declared illegality of communism. 

In 1936, the governing body of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to which I belong and encourage you to investigate if you are not a member, issued a bold statement on communism that helps illustrate the war we are in with communism, the stakes, and the seditious nature of the communist ideology: 

“With great regret we learn from credible sources, governmental and others, that a few Church members are joining directly or indirectly, the Communists and are taking part in their activities. . . . 

“. . . Communism is not a political party nor a political plan under the Constitution; it is a system of government that is the opposite of our Constitutional government, and it would be necessary to destroy our government before Communism could be set up in the United States. 

“Since Communism, established, would destroy our American Constitutional government, to support Communism is treasonable to our free institutions, and no patriotic American citizen may become either a Communist or supporter of Communism. 

“To our Church members we say: Communism is not the United Order, and bears only the most superficial resemblance thereto; Communism is based upon intolerance and force, the United Order upon love and freedom of conscience and action; Communism involves forceful despoliation and confiscation, the United Order voluntary consecration and sacrifice. 

“Furthermore, it is charged by universal report, which is not successfully contradicted or disproved, that Communism undertakes to control, if not indeed to proscribe the religious life of the people living within its jurisdiction, and that it even reaches its hand into the sanctity of the family circle itself, disrupting the normal relationship of parent and child, all in a manner unknown and unsanctioned under the Constitutional guarantees under which we in America live. Such interference would be contrary to the fundamental precepts of the Gospel and to the teachings and order of the Church. Communism being thus hostile to loyal American citizenship and incompatible with true Church membership, of necessity no loyal American citizen and no faithful Church member can be a Communist. 

“We call upon all Church members completely to eschew Communism. The safety of our divinely inspired Constitutional government and the welfare of our Church imperatively demand that Communism shall have no place in America.” 

I repeat it fearlessly: No patriotic American citizen may become either a Communist or supporter of Communism. It is impossible. Communism has no place in America. You cannot be a loyal American, let alone a loyal Christian, and be a communist. 

Communists are not welcome in America and their Satanic ideology is a threat to everything we hold dear. Its heritage is opposed to ours. Its morals are anathema. Its tactics, and their sure results, are evil. 

Communism is poison to nations, to families, to societal relationships, to different races that it pits against each other, and to the world. More important, it is poison to the soul. No communist can have faith in Jesus Christ in his heart. No communist possesses that crowning attribute of Heavenly Father and Jesus – love. Communists are anti-Christs and are hostile to every principle of pure religion and truth no matter where they are found. 

In 1966, the same governing body, the First Presidency, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gave a statement that I consider the definitive position on communism: 

“The position of this Church on the subject of Communism has never changed. We consider it the greatest satanical threat to peace, prosperity, and the spread of God’s work among men that exists on the face of the earth. . . . 

“The entire concept and philosophy of Communism is diametrically opposed to everything for which the Church stands – belief in Deity, belief in the dignity and eternal nature of man, and the application of the gospel to efforts for peace in the world. Communism is militantly atheistic and is committed to the destruction of faith wherever it may be found. . . . 

“Communism debases the individual and makes him the enslaved tool of the state, to which he must look for sustenance and religion. Communism destroys man’s God-given free agency. 

“No member of this Church can be true to his faith, nor can any American be loyal to his trust, while lending aid, encouragement, or sympathy to any of these false philosophies; for if he does, they will prove snares to his feet” (President David O. McKay, “Only One Standard of Morality,” April 9, 1966). 

Communism is the “greatest satanical threat” to the world, bar none. “Globalism” is not the greatest threat – no one can even define what “globalism” ought to mean. The first true “globalism” was communism and its tentacles truly wrapped around the globe with the rise of the Communist International, or Comintern. Its bristling threat of “world revolution” is the most comprehensive of any ideology ever codified and peddled by agents of destruction in world history. 

As more and more traitors continue to be unmasked and exposed on almost a daily basis, we see how all of their connections go back to communist front groups, to the communist-created U.N., or directly to Russia and China. The quintessential “globalist,” Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, has a bust of Vladimir Lenin on his desk. When will my fellow conspiracy researchers finally admit that we are not dealing with some vague chimera named “globalism,” but that we are contending with the Kabbalistic philosophy of the Order of Illuminati codified in 1848 by Karl Marx, finetuned by Lenin, financed by socialist comrades in the West, and pushed on every front by Russia and China and their treasonous agents throughout the world?! 

A religious leader and patriot, David O. McKay, who was one of the three men responsible for the previous statement, issued this concise warning in 1953: 

“Today two mighty forces are battling for the supremacy of the world. The destiny of mankind is in the balance. It is a question of God and liberty, or atheism and slavery. The success of Communism means the destruction of Religion” (President David O. McKay, Church News, July 18, 1953, cited in Jerreld Newquist, ed., Prophets, Principles and National Survival, 215). 

Six years previous, McKay had similarly warned: 

“Today America is reputedly the only nation in the world “capable of sustaining western civilization.” 

“Opposed to her is Russia, which has renounced faith in God and in his overruling power in the universe. 

“The threatened impending clash between these two nations is more than a test of political supremacy, more than a fight between capitalism and communism – it is the ever-contending conflict between faith in God and in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and disbelief in the philosophy of Christian ideals” (David O. McKay, Gospel Ideals: Selections from the Discourses of David O. McKay, 275). 

This warning may have been issued yesterday, for it is equally valid. All I would add is the name “Red China” next to Russia’s. For all our faults, America is still the only hope for the world. Our Constitution is the only one that bears the stamp of approval of Almighty God. 

Our People, as ignorant, apathetic, and debauched as many have become, possesses the greatest heritage of Freedom and excellence of any nation in recorded history. The greatest potential for the restitution of human Liberty and authentic progress rests with America. Don’t ever be fooled by propaganda into believing any other nation, let alone KGB-controlled Russia or CCP-dominated China, offer the world a better path. They only offer death, for communism is death. 

In 1948, President McKay again raised his voice to present the world its choice: 

“The choice today is between dictatorship with the atheistic teachings of communism, and the doctrine of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, obedience to which alone can make us free” (President David O. McKay, Gospel Ideals, 273). 

The Bible declares: “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). In another place, it encourages: “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage” (Galatians 5:1). Since communism disavows God and impels people to rebel against him, as its founder, the Devil, did in the War in Heaven, it can never exalt a nation. Only obedience to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ can do that. 

Another statement from David O. McKay seems appropriate. In April 1951, he cautioned: 

“More destructive to the spreading of Christian principles in the minds, particularly of the youth, than battleships, submarines, or even bombs, is the sowing of false ideals by the enemy. . . . 

“Misrepresentation, false propaganda, innuendoes soon sprout into poisonous weeds, and before long the people find themselves victims of a pollution that has robbed them of their individual liberty and enslaved them to a group of political gangsters” (McKay, Gospel Ideals, 284). 

The communists themselves understand this fact. They know that their propaganda is more effective in making communists than war or conquest. Those conquered by the sword will feel resentment and may rebel. Those cunningly convinced to embrace communism bit by bit will fight for communism and will resist all attempts of patriots to tell them the truth. This is why a prominent Chinese communist, Lin Biao, called Marxism a “spiritual atom bomb.” Avoid the communist virus at all costs. Protect your children from the Red Plague

I quote another statement from Ezra Taft Benson. Said he: 

“Now we should all be opposed to Socialistic-Communism, for it is our mortal and spiritual enemy – the greatest evil in the world today. But the reason many liberals don’t want the American people to form study groups to really understand and then fight Socialistic-Communism is that once the American people get the facts they will begin to realize that much of what these liberals advocate is actually helping the enemy. 

“The liberals hope you’ll believe them when they tell you how anti-Communist they are. But they become alarmed if you really inform yourself on the subject of Socialistic-Communism. For after you inform yourself you might begin to study the liberal voting record. And this study would show you how much the liberals are giving aid and comfort to the enemy and how much the liberals are actually leading America towards Socialism itself. 

“Communism is just another form of socialism, as is fascism. 

“So now you can see the picture. These liberals want you to know how much they are doing for you – with your tax money of course. But they don’t want you to realize that the path they are pursuing is socialistic, and that socialism is the same as communism in its ultimate effect on our liberties. When you point this out they want to shut you up – they accuse you of maligning them, of casting aspersions, of being political. No matter whether they label their bottle as liberalism, progressivism, or social reform – I know the contents of the bottle is poison to this Republic and I’m going to call it poison. 

“We do not need to question the motive of these liberals. They could be most sincere. But sincerity or supposed benevolence or even cleverness is not the question. The question is: “Are we going to save this country from the hands of the enemy and the deceived?” (Ezra Taft Benson, “An Internal Threat Today,” December 19, 1963, in Newquist, ed., Prophets, Principles and National Survival, 287-288). 

Communism is poison. Communism is fatal to the soul. Communism is a vicious virus. Communism is treason. Communism is death. Communism is Satanism. Communism must die for America to survive. 

America cannot be saved if we allow communism to exist here. And the name it goes by does not matter. You can call it “globalism,” if you wish, or socialism, or Progressivism, or liberalism, or any other variation; the ideology is the same and the consequences for our faltering nation are identical. I repeat: Communism must die for America to survive! 

There is no alternative. “Neither can live while the other survives,” as J.K. Rowling wrote. Either Americanism will triumph or communism will. Either the Freedom philosophy espoused by our Founding Fathers and guaranteed by our inspired Constitution will prevail or Illuminism as codified by Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto will conquer. Humanity has no other choice, for the American Freedom philosophy was sanctioned and inspired by God through the U.S. Constitution while communism is an outgrowth of the Order of Illuminati which was founded by Satanists. 

To close, I say, please, call our enemies “communists,” for that is exactly what they are, but don’t ever call them “Americans.” No real American can be a communist or support ideologies or principles promoted by the socialist-communism complex. Communism is anathema to Americanism. Communism seeks to destroy the U.S. Constitution with its protection on God-given rights ranging from free speech to Freedom of religion to the right of assembly to jury trials to separation of power to the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. If you cherish any of those rights, you simply cannot support or sympathize with communism. 

Communism is Satanic, and that, ultimately, is why we know it will lose. Satan has already lost. The Redeemer Jesus Christ has already triumphed over death, hell, and the Devil. Lucifer lost in the War in Heaven, and he has lost the battle here on earth, too. His henchmen are running wild precisely because we are in the end times directly preceding the return of the Savior in glory. It is the time of sifting. Now it is when we must use our God-given agency to show whose side we’re on

Knowing that Christ has already won the victory, why would you ever side with the anti-Christ communists? I plead with you to join the winning team. Embrace the U.S. Constitution and the American Freedom philosophy as articulated by the Founding Fathers. Work to restore Faith, Families, and Freedom everywhere. Humble yourself before God and promote His Gospel and its sublime principles that give dignity to man, protect individualism, exalt nations, and make peoples prosperous and powerful. Do as Paul encouraged and “come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16). 

The outcome of the war is not in question – Christ has won the victory – but your own soul hangs in the balance. You may save your soul, and perhaps your country, by choosing the right, coming to Jesus Christ, following Him in obedience to divine law, joining yourself to His Church, living righteously, promoting truth, opposing the Church of the Devil, and standing as a witness of Christ at all times, in all places, and in all things. We have room here. We have an extra jersey with your name on it. The Lord loves you and wants you on His side – the winning side. 

Zack Strong, 
April 16, 2023

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