I Will NEVER Swear Allegiance to a New Government

If the U.S. Constitution, by force, fraud, crisis, convention, court ruling, referendum, or vote, is ever dethroned in America, I patently refuse to swear allegiance to whatever government is established in its place. If that will make me an outlaw, rebel, or traitor to the new government, so be it! Such is my reverence for the Constitution, which I consider to be literally inspired by God Almighty, that I take any attack on it personally and count it as an assault on my Faith, Family, and Freedom. 

The Constitution has been ignored, trampled, and mutilated for decades by those seeking to overthrow the Liberty of America. In order to reduce us to slavery and serfdom, Republicans and Democrats alike, Progressives and liberals also, and, of course, Fabians and communists, have relentlessly attacked, undermined, and deconstructed the original Constitution. They know what I wish all true patriots understood: That is, that America cannot fall as long as the Constitution stands in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30). 

The fact that our national charter still stands – ragged as it may be – after this vicious onslaught is a testament to its strength and genius. It was crafted so brilliantly that it is nearly airtight. The only real flaws are not so much flaws in design as flaws in execution. And even these flaws in execution could have never happened if the American People had paid attention and been properly instructed in the principles of good government, self-rule, and Liberty. 

Because of the Constitution’s inherent strength, the socialists and their ilk have had an uphill slog. The Constitution has frustrated them again and again, so they have turned to creating crises, invoking emergency powers, and concocting continuity of government schemes that would turn our Republic into a Bolshevik dictatorship. Yet, even when the socialists manage to capture fresh ground, holding it is sometimes tenuous because it is plain to anyone who spends five minutes studying the Constitution that what they have done is illegal and unconstitutional. As a result, they have turned to brainwashing via the media and schooling to get their way. 

Americans have been made so ignorant of the Constitution by their public school teachers that millions believe the Constitution is an outmoded document that should be discarded. After all, wasn’t it written by racists, bigots, genocidal Indian killers, women oppressors, and imperialists? Our foremost heroes – men like George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson – are castigated, lied about, and smeared in order to undermine faith in the principles they espoused and the brilliant forms of limited government they helped establish. 

Another astute Founder, James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, said that the Constitution is the “cement of the Union” (James Madison, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1809). Without the Constitution, there is no “United States of America.” Without the constitutional principles of Freedom, America is just another nation in a community of nations. Yet, it is precisely because of our goodness and our fidelity to sound values and constitutional systems that America rose to greatness, surpassing all nations and empires of the past. Only by clinging to the same principles of virtue and Liberty can we regain and maintain greatness.

Despite the centrality of the Constitution to America’s success, even many good conservatives – who ostensibly love the Constitution – are calling for a new constitutional convention. They call it a Convention of States, but don’t be fooled, it is a Constitutional Convention by another name. They are laboring under the delusion that this process would be controlled by them through the states. This is erroneous and nearsighted. Three years ago, I wrote an article titled “Oppose a Convention of States!” which I hope you will take the time to read and digest. It explains why a Convention of States would murder, not restore, the U.S. Constitution. 

I don’t care if it is conservatives or liberals who finally get enough states to call an Article V convention – I would oppose the final product which could never measure up to the original. Though there are people living today who understand constitutional principles and Freedom as well as our Founding Fathers, they would never be selected for the task of framing a new government. You would never find men like Scott Bradley, Joel Skousen, Michael Badnarik, Arthur R. Thompson, Larry P. Arnn, or Chuck Baldwin called upon to render their expertise. No, instead you would have Establishment lackeys and mainstream Republicans and Democrats drafting a new government behind closed doors, with no oversight, and with total disregard for the will of the American People. 

We must not allow the Constitution to be mutilated any further and we must never allow it to be exiled completely. No government has ever secured to as many people as much Freedom. Nothing Europe has ever produced has come close, to say nothing of the other parts of the darkened world. The only light still shining is here in America. This light shines from the hearts of patriots who understand, love, and defend the Constitution and all just and holy principles that make men free and accountable before God. 

In a past article honoring the Constitution, I wrote: 

“Only a moral, virtuous, just, upright, truth-loving People are capable of Freedom and ordered society. America was once good and so America was once great. We are still the greatest nation on earth, but we are have noticeably fallen from our lofty position. We need to return to our moral, Christian roots if we are to regain our unique American stature. 

“At the end of the day, the Constitution is not for the United States alone. Its principles are eternal and sacred. They belong to every nation. It was the Lord who raised up America’s Founding Fathers, who preserved us through the War for Independence, and who inspired the Constitution. He intended the ideas that fired the American soul to fire the world and lead to a new era of Freedom, peace, and prosperity. It is our duty as Americans to be the missionaries of this unsurpassed Freedom system. . . . 

“Americanism is the greatest system in history. This system is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution – the most incredible political document in the world. I repeat that it was inspired by Almighty God and that Americans are the custodians of these superlative principles.” 

Those of us who still revere the Constitution and understand its ennobling principles have a God-given duty to stand in the gap and defend the Constitution so that its glorious principles and system of Freedom may bless mankind. Who will stand up for the Constitution? Will you? Or will you go along with a scheme to rewrite or do away with our national charter? Will you abandon the Constitution and the tradition of the men who established it or will you hold the line like a Spartan at Thermopylae? I can’t answer for you, but I can answer for me before the world and before God: I stand with the Constitution now and forever! 

To close, I fearlessly echo the affirmation made by the Father of our Country, George Washington: “[T]he Constitution is the guide which I never can abandon” (George Washington to the Boston Selectmen, July 28, 1795). You make your choice; I have made mine.

Zack Strong, 
June 5, 2022

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