Tyranny Defined 

Today’s article title is a play on Ron Paul’s book Liberty Defined. Instead of lengthy prose, however, I want to literally look at dictionary definitions. As you read through these definitions, please ponder our current circumstances and consider whether what we’re living through fits the definition of tyranny. 

Webster’s 1828 dictionary describes “tyranny” as: 

“Arbitrary or despotic exercise of power; the exercise of power over subjects and others with a rigor not authorized by law or justice, or not requisite for the purposes of government. Hence tyranny is often synonymous with cruelty and oppression.” 

Knowing that the U.S. Constitution is the “supreme law of the land,” reflect on the idea that tyranny is something “not authorized by law or justice, or not requisite for the purposes of government.” Does the Constitution authorize government to force people to inject substances into their bodies or cover their faces with porous fabric? Does it allow government to close your store or your church? Click this link and read for yourself what the Constitution says and authorizes and what government can and can’t do

Webster’s 1828 also defined “despotism” as: 

“Absolute power; authority unlimited and uncontrolled by men, constitution or laws, and depending alone on the will of the prince; as the despotism of a Turkish sultan.” 

If government doesn’t follow the Constitution and acts in an unaccountable and uncontrolled way, is it, by definition, “despotism”? Answer for yourself. 

“Autocrasy” is defined as

“Independent power; supreme, uncontrolled, unlimited authority or right of governing, in a single person.” 

The same question as before. 

Webster’s defined “oppression” as: 

“The act of oppressing; the imposition of unreasonable burdens, either in taxes or services; cruelty; severity. The state of being oppressed or overburdened; misery.” 

Have you been overburdened by government dictates and requirements any time recently? 

The same trusty dictionary describes “dictator” thus

“One who dictates; one who prescribes rules and maxims for the direction of others. One invested with absolute authority.” 

Sound like any dementia-ridden phony president you know? 

“Monarchy” is defined by Webster’s as: 

“A state or government in which the supreme power is lodged in the hands of a single person. Such a state is usually called an empire or a kingdom; and we usually give this denomination to a large state only. But the same name is sometimes given to a kingdom or state in which the power of the king or supreme magistrate is limited by a constitution, or by fundamental laws. Such is the British monarchy Hence we speak of absolute or despotic monarchies, and of limited monarchies.” 

Is the dictator in D.C. also a king or monarch? He must be if he has supreme power over your body and mind, over your job and mobility, over your Freedom of speech and Freedom of worship. Perhaps we should only call it a “limited monarchy” since at some of us still love, cherish, and defend our God-inspired Constitution

Not ready to call the dictatorial tyrants “kings”? Then consider the word “arbitrary” in relation to the power being currently wielded: 

“Depending on will or discretion; not governed by any fixed rules; as, an arbitrary decision; an arbitrary punishment. Despotic; absolute in power; having no external control; as, an arbitrary prince or government.” 

Arbitrary rule is opposite the rule of law and is, by definition, “despotic.” Prove me wrong. 

Webster’s defines “corruption” in many ways, including, simply, “bribery.” Tell me, what did you buy with your COVID-1984 stimulus check? 

The term “injustice” is defined simply as: “Iniquity; wrong; any violation of another’s rights.” 

Are we, therefore, victims of injustice? Are our rights being violated? 

“Atrocity” is described thus: “Enormous wickedness; extreme hainousness or cruelty; as the atrocity of murder.” 

Any government-mandated murders happen lately? If so, do you dare call it an “atrocity” or do you shy away from using authentic dictionary definitions of words? 

We learn from Webster’s that “bigotry” is: 

“Obstinate or blind attachment to a particular creed, or to certain tenets; unreasonable zeal or warmth in favor of a party, sect or opinion; excessive prejudice.” 

If this isn’t a perfect description of the pro-vaxxers, pro-maskers, and pro-lockdown shills, I don’t know what is! Those of us who love bodily autonomy, love oxygen, and love Liberty are victims of mass bigotry.

“Bully” is defined as: “To insult and overbear with noise and blustering menaces.” 

If this is true, then is the controlled media bullying us? Are we being bullied with overbearing noise? Are we being bullied by the press into servile submission? 

We’re told that “submission” means

“Acknowledgment of inferiority or dependence; humble or suppliant behavior. . . . Obedience; compliance with the commands or laws of a superior. submission of children to their parents is an indispensable duty.” 

Are you inferior to the government? Is the government your papa that can punish you if you don’t comply and obey? If government has authority over you, as a parent does over his child, then perhaps you’re living in statist submission. 

Webster’s tells us that “subjugation” is: “The act of subduing and bringing under the power or absolute control of another.” 

Are we being subjugated? Well, what does the definition tell you? 

Finally, the provocative word “slavery” is powerfully described as: 

“Bondage; the state of entire subjection of one person to the will of another. slavery is the obligation to labor for the benefit of the master, without the contract of consent of the servant. slavery may proceed from crimes, from captivity or from debt. slavery is also voluntary or involuntary; voluntary, when a person sells or yields his own person to the absolute command of another; involuntary, when he is placed under the absolute power of another without his own consent.” 

Read that again. Slavery is “when a person . . . yields his own person to the absolute command of another” or when he involuntarily is “placed under the absolute power of another without his own consent.” Is this not a perfect description of vaccine mandates, mask mandates, forced business closures, travel restrictions, and lockdowns? 

If you agree with plain English and acknowledge the definition of “slavery,” then I have some other questions: Does this definition mean we are living under slavery? Are we slaves? Have we abdicated our Freedom? If Webster’s dictionary is correct, then our government overlords certainly act as if we are their slaves, regardless of what you personally think. 

We often lose touch with our language, thus losing touch with the foundational ideas expressed in that language. We allow others to dictate what we think by stunting our vocabulary, neglecting to use certain basic words like “tyranny,” or muddling definitions. Don’t let your mind be shackled by allowing your language to be hijacked. Use the words in the dictionary. Know what tyranny, despotism, and slavery are. Know what dictators, autocrats, and bullies look like. Open your eyes and recognize these things all around you. Then open your voice, use your language, and warn others of the peril. Sic Semper Tyrannis! Long Live Liberty! 

Zack Strong, 
September 27, 2021 

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  1. Hey Zack, goo to see you’re back. I noticed your page had been quiet for quite some time, and you hadn’t posted anything on FB for a while!


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