President Trump’s Immigration Dilemma

Immigration problems have plagued the United States for decades. It is not a partisan issue – the problem grows under both Republican and Democratic administrations. The problem has worsened until now it is a full-fledged crisis. However, I am not going to talk much about the overall immigration problem. Rather, I’m going to discuss President Donald Trump’s abysmal handling of the situation and his failure to follow through on his promise to bring the crisis under control.

Let’s not mince words: The illegal immigration crisis is nothing less than an invasion. As I noted in my “National State of Emergency” article of February 21, 2019, under the definitions of multiple dictionaries “the crisis at our Southern border qualifies as an invasion.” I noted: “The influx of tens of millions of foreigners who do not speak our language, who are not here to assimilate, and whose first act in our country is a violation of our laws, cannot be considered anything other than an invasion.”

illegal immigration14

Despite subversives like Comrade Cortez claiming that our border detention facilities are “concentration camps,” the truth is our border policy is incredibly lax. We are faced with an enormous crisis – a hostile invasion – that deteriorates further into madness by the day. And this is happening under President Trump’s watch.

In all honesty, President Trump was elected for one primary reason – to stop illegal immigration. On the campaign trail in 2016, the pledge to stop illegal immigration and control the Southern border was repeated so frequently that it became a sacrosanct mantra. The vow to “build a wall” is Mr. Trump’s defining promise.

Yet, two and a half years into the Trump presidency, we are forced to ask some tough questions: Where is the promised wall? Why is the border still wide open and largely undefended? Why are more illegal invaders entering the United States now than during Obama’s presidency? Why are fewer illegals being deported by President Trump than by Obama? Why did President Trump recently call off scheduled ICE raids that would have rounded up and deported some 2,000 families living in our country illegally? Why haven’t the military forces sent to the border by the president been authorized to fulfill their oath to defend their country? Why are illegals still being relocated all around the country by our government? Why aren’t individuals traveling from countries with disease epidemics quarantined and checked for disease before being allowed to roam around the nation? And, lastly, why has there been absolutely no discernable improvement in the border crisis under President Trump?

illegal immigration6

If one were a skeptic, he might simply say that President Trump is a liar and never meant to follow through on his promises to secure the border. I believe, however, that the truth is even more pathetic than that. It appears to me that President Trump has achieved absolutely nothing in terms of border security for one basic reason: He is a businessman.

As a businessman obsessed with “making deals” (i.e. making compromises and appeasing all sides), he does not properly regard principles. All that is important to President Trump is making deals, currying favor with opponents, and doing good business. Consequently, he talks a good talk about immigration, but when the time comes to act, he gets bogged down by caring what his enemies think and want. He is willing to delay badly needed action just so he can make what he thinks is a good deal and make all sides happy.

Sometimes, however, a patriot must ruthlessly pursue his principles, not considering the wishes of his enemies – or even of his constituents. Poll numbers and popularity should never be factors in decision making. It is a foolish policy to only act when our enemies approve. We must do what is right, even (perhaps especially) when it is unpopular, difficult, or politically incorrect. A crisis as monumental as the invasion occurring at our Southern border is huge enough to warrant immediate, swift, and uncompromising action without regard to what the press, polls, or pundits think.

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The U.S. Constitution authorizes and requires the federal government – whose chief officer and enforcer is the president – to protect the states against invasion (see Article 4, Section 4). The laws of nature and necessity also grant the president power to act in behalf of the nation. The great Thomas Jefferson explained:

“The question you propose, whether circumstances do not sometimes occur, which make it a duty in officers of high trust, to assume authorities beyond the law, is easy of solution in principle, but sometimes embarrassing in practice. A strict observance of the written laws is doubtless one of the high duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest. The laws of necessity, of self-preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of higher obligation. To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to written law, would be to lose the law itself, with life, liberty, property and all those who are enjoying them with us; thus absurdly sacrificing the end to the means” (Jefferson to John B. Colvin, 1810).

The laws of necessity and self-preservation are the highest laws a patriot can enforce. When one’s nation is being assaulted, the patriot must fight and defeat the assailant at all cost. In this case, our nation is being invaded by people who have zero regard for our customs, language, and laws. They are changing the cultural, racial, and political makeup of the nation. They are bringing with them a storm of crime and disease, as well as a socialist mindset anathema to true Americanism. America has always regulated immigration, and if we don’t do it now, we will lose our country.

illegal immigration3

When the country hangs in the balance, what sacrifice is too costly in her behalf? If President Trump really loves this nation, and is serious about his oath of office, he ought not be concerned with what the press says, whether or not he is reelected, or even what the public thinks. He ought to do what is right. And what is right in this case is using every resource and means to stop the bleeding and cauterize the wound. We must halt the flow of unwanted illegal invaders into this country, deport the dangerous element, and prevent future problems by controlling the border.

Instead of doing this, however, President Trump has vacillated and stalled. It is true that Congress has attempted to thwart his proposals and have deliberately delayed funding a border wall. Yet, President Trump already has the authorization to act, but doesn’t. Perhaps President Trump doesn’t understand that he has authorization to seal the border and defend the nation from invasion. If this is the case, and I believe the president’s obvious ignorance of the Constitution plays a major factor in his failures, then he is unfit for office. And if the president’s cabinet members are advising him against acting to defend the nation and fulfill his campaign promises, then they are not his true friends – and he again proves his lack of political savvy by keeping them around.

illegal immigration1

To date, the president’s vaunted border wall is only a couple measly miles long and has done absolutely nothing to stem the tide of invasion from the South. In fact, more illegals are pouring across the border than ever before and large caravans from Central America are announcing their intention to make the trek to the United States. Couple this with the fact that ICE is releasing onto American streets more illegals than ever before and you see how the problem has not changed under President Trump. If anything, the problem has grown worse! Yes, illegal immigration is worse under President Trump than under past presidents.

Last Sunday, the president had an opportunity to do something noticeably beneficial in the war against the illegal invaders. It was announced that ICE would conduct mass raids and deport some 2,000 illegal families. At the last minute, President Trump canceled the raids. Not only does this make him look weak and insincere about stopping the invasion, but it harms our People by allowing a foreign element to reside beside them. It also telegraphs to other would-be-invaders that the federal government won’t do a thing to deport them, so they might as well come here illegally.

As of the moment, and unless something drastic happens, I predict a Trump landslide victory in 2020. However, he is turning off many of his supporters by failing to follow through on his signature promise to build a wall and close the border to illegals. Again, the problem has grown worse under his watch. Not only are hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans still flooding across the border, but now even hundreds of Africans from disease-ridden nations are waltzing across the border. If you didn’t hear, a recent group of 500 or so oddly well-funded illegals from Ebola-infected African states was released into Texas and elsewhere. In all honesty, we have to ask ourselves, what in the world is President Trump doing?!

illegal immigration26

It seems that he is doing nothing but flapping his mouth. Yet, the crisis is so severe that we can no longer tolerate mere talk. Talk is cheap. We need action. We need someone who takes his oath of office seriously; someone who cares enough to act to save his nation when he sees it on fire. For all his multitude of character flaws and bad policy decisions, President Donald J. Trump is the best president in my life time. Yet, one flaw that we cannot tolerate is his failure to secure the border. This is unacceptable. America is worth more than that, Mr. Trump. Your failure on this issue is unacceptable.

Now let’s talk about solutions. In actual point of fact, the border crisis could be solved tomorrow. The fix is simple, yet no president – including Donald Trump – has had the courage to take this step. If we want to thwart the invasion of illegals and secure the border, we simply need to place the military on the border with shoot-to-kill orders. Don’t misunderstand, I do not recommend we gun down everyone trying to cross the border; that is a last resort. But placing military on the border with authorization to act in a multitude of ways would solve the crisis.

illegal immigration32

Our military possess numerous non-lethal means of crowd control. We can employ these tactics and weapons at the border and use them to repel invasion without actually harming the invaders. For instance, the military has a weapon called a Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (or V-MAD) which is a directed-energy weapon that makes your skin feel like it is on fire. The V-MAD’s energy ray doesn’t actually harm you, but it is a marvelous deterrent because no one wants to feel that they are burning to death. The U.S. military has already deployed V-MADs to the Southern border, yet we refuse to use them. Why? Does President Trump merely not have the courage to use these non-lethal means to secure our border? Is he afraid of media backlash? What is he so scared of? Why has he failed to authorize the use of non-lethal methods to immediately secure the border?

Our first line of defense on the Southern border should be non-lethal weapons such as V-MADs. If the invaders persist, after being hit with non-lethal deterrents and passing signs and notifications warning them to turn back, then I believe our military should open fire with lethal weapons. The combination of non-lethal and lethal weapons (and the latter only in last-resort scenarios) is enough to completely bring the flow of illegal immigration to a halt. The problem could literally be under control within days if the president so wished – if he had the will power and courage.

illegal immigration31

In my scenario, illegals would first face excruciating pain from a host of non-lethal weapons. If they endured the pain and persisted in their attempts to violate our nation’s borders against all warnings and commands to the contrary, they would then face live fire from well-trained military units empowered with shoot-to-kill orders. I defy anyone to suggest that this level of defense would not work to deter 99.9% of illegals.

The illegal immigration dilemma is so serious that we must resort to serious, heavy-duty, no-nonsense solutions or lose our Republic. The higher laws of self-preservation and necessity demand that we step forward to save our nation from this massive threat. Thankfully, the Constitution also authorizes the government to act to defend us against invasion. But even if the written law was not clear, common sense dictates the course we must take.

Mr. President, do you have the will power to secure our borders and stem the tidal wave of foreign invasion? Do you really intend on following through on your promise to build a wall and secure the border? And do you, dear reader, care that millions of socialist-minded foreigners are flooding into our cities, changing the political, cultural, ideological, racial, and social makeup of your country? If 30 million illegal invaders infesting your country cannot wake you up and rouse you to vigorous protest, what will?

illegal immigration15

We each should honestly ask ourselves if we can afford to continue electing politicians who will not secure the border and enforce the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Each elected representative swears an oath to uphold and defend the principles of that sacred document, and each is accountable. One of those enshrined principles is defending the states against invasion and, as a corollary, ensuring republican style governments throughout the land. These imperatives cannot come to pass when millions of foreigners are busy subverting our nation and polluting our culture.

President Trump faces a colossal dilemma: Will he continue to play politics and try to make a “deal” regarding illegal immigration, or will he do what he was elected to do, what the American People want, what his oath of office to the Constitution requires, and what the laws of necessity dictate and once and for all halt illegal immigration? President Trump is in a better position to secure the border than any other American. If the border remains open, President Trump is also the man to blame. He did not create the problem, but it is in his power to end it if he so desires. So much rests on his personal will power and the persistence of the American People.

From a perspective of two and a half years of Trump, I must voice my skepticism that anything will be done to secure the border. I hope and pray that I am wrong. Yet, as noted, the problem has actually worsened during President Trump’s presidency! If the president cannot, or will not, follow through on his signature promise when the ability to do so is within his constitutional authority and power, how can we trust him to make good on any other promise? And if President Trump cannot manage to press the issue, what other president will be able to do so?

Few things are as vital to our nation’s well-being as securing our borders and ensuring that only friendly immigrants keen on assimilating and becoming real Americans gain entrance to this special land. The people of the world are simply too hostile to traditional American values for us to allow just any of them to come to these United States. We must guard our American citadel at all costs, even if it means fighting fire with fire at the border. The time is long past for President Donald Trump to make good on his adamant vow to secure our borders and make America great again. Was it all talk or is he serious? That remains to be seen. If he cannot follow through on this singular promise, regardless of anything else good he may have done, he is not fit to hold office.

Zack Strong,

June 28, 2019

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