“A Century of Red” – Book Release

I am proud to announce that on January 11, 2018, I published my first book. Titled A Century of Red, the work details the origin, history, and legacy of the communist conspiracy, with an emphasis on its occult nature and objectives. The project took me just over three months from conception to publication, and weighs in at 304 pages in Kindle. I am happier than I can express to launch into the world my witness that the communist conspiracy is a Satanic cabal and that it has never been more powerful and pervasive than it is today.

A Century of Red is designed as an overview of this pressing subject. As such, the book is good for beginners who know relatively little about communism, its history, tactics, and objectives. However, even seasoned researchers will benefit from having so much information in one place – particularly as regards the rarely discussed occult elements of communism. And certainly every reader will benefit from the lengthy “recommended reading” sections at the end of the book, as well as the 550 references.

I have joked that A Century of Red has a little something to offend everyone. Truthfully, this book holds nothing back, pulls no punches, spares no feelings, and steps on a lot of toes. Political correctness has no place in legitimate research and truth-seeking. I doubtless disturb more than a few sacred cows as I discuss communism as the hidden hand behind so many of the destructive mass movements that have shaped our culture and way of life.

The book opens with a discussion of the great secret behind communism; namely, that communism is an occult conspiracy. I present evidence demonstrating that communism’s kingpins – Marx, Lenin, Stalin, etc., – were not atheists, but Satanists. These occultists combined to forge a one-world order that is but the means to usher in a global Luciferian religion. In so doing, they have set up communism as a parallel religion to Christianity – a doomed contender for the throne of Almighty God. As I wrote in chapter three:

“Satanic communists and atheistic communists alike find kinship in the state religion of communism, and the power it gives them over other people who they consider to be beneath them or who stand in the way of “progress.” The mechanism of such a totalitarian system provides the perfect means to gratify the pride, lusts, and ambitions of worldly people. Following the path of their dark master, these communists are bound together with chords of hate and have come out in open rebellion against God’s Plan of Happiness.”

This unique communist hatred is described and is shown to be the driving force behind the savage acts committed by the Soviets against the peoples they subjugated. The staggering death toll of over 100 million inflicted by the Bolsheviks and their Red Chinese counterparts is discussed in gruesome, often chilling, detail. Soviet culpability in beginning World War II, and the ghastly atrocities committed by the Red Army against Germany, are similarly detailed. And a chapter is devoted to the Western collusion that made the Soviet Union’s rise possible. In all of these sections, the point is driven home repeatedly that communism’s atrocities are unparalleled in world history, whether in scope, scale, systematization, or savagery.

After outlining the medieval brutality the Bolsheviks have inflicted around the globe, I step back and ask the question, “Just who are these Bolsheviks and how did they get their start?” This question precipitates a discussion about the Bavarian Illuminati, Freemasonry, and international Jewry. As I demonstrate, the monstrous communist conspiracy was spawned by a fusion of these three conspiratorial groups. And communism has since spawned the Fabian Socialists, the feminists, the environmentalists, etc. All of these movements have their origin, ultimately, in occultic secret societies.

Piggybacking on the previous chapter, I discuss the Jewish involvement in Bolshevism. On one hand, most researchers ignore the very prominent Jewish involvement in communism, while on the other hand, some people take it too far and blame the Jews exclusively for communism. Both sides are in error, as I attempt to demonstrate. Inasmuch as Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and the majority of leading Bolshevik conspirators were Jewish, it cannot be denied that Jewry played a distinct role in the communist saga. But the blame for communism cannot be heaped solely upon Jewry either. The real truth is somewhere in the middle. To close out this section, I briefly discuss Zionism and Israel and add a word about false and real anti-Semitism.


Wonderful artwork courtesy of Kylie Malchus

Nearly the second half of the text is devoted to the cultural revolution that has shaken the Christian, traditionalist foundation our society was built upon. The longest chapter within this section discusses feminism and the fact that the entire Women’s Liberation movement was and is a communist front designed to manipulate women into destroying the bulwark of Liberty – the traditional family unit. As designed by Adam Weishaupt (founder of the Bavarian Illuminati), the conspiracy’s plan was to ideologically capture women with false promises of “emancipation” from the so-called “oppression” of the “patriarchy” that the plotters would conjure up in their minds. This tactic was later employed by the communists, who are, as I detail, direct descendants of Weishaupt’s Illuminati and their Masonic and Jewish cohorts.

After detailing the feminist/communist assault on the institution of the family, the militant homosexual agenda, the so-called Civil Rights movement, and environmentalism are discussed and exposed as, you guessed it, communist fronts. Additionally, the subversion of American public schools and churches is highlighted, as well as the rampant communist influence in the United Nations. The last leg of the book discusses Mikhail Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin, the fake “fall” of the USSR, and the false religious “revival” of modern Russia.

To close out my saga, I recap the salient points my book raises and then discuss the only remedy that can save us from the communist conspiracy – repentance. I quote ex-KGB spy, Yuri Bezmenov, who stated that “the only answer” to communist subversion is faith and moral superiority. Truly, the answer to communist aggression is not missiles, tanks, or an increased military budget – it is a sincere return to the traditional Christian principles that made the United States the greatest nation in world history.

While it unavoidably sounds self-serving, I encourage you to purchase a copy of A Century of Red and familiarize yourself with the communist conspiracy. Learn its origins, its history, its tactics, and its objectives. This topic was never more relevant than it is now. Communism is simply not dead; it is the greatest enemy mankind has ever faced, and it is alive and seething today. I end with a quote from the closing pages of my book:

“If the Red Plague of communism is not identified, quarantined, and eradicated quickly, it will infect the whole of mankind and the earth will convulse, contort, and die an excruciating death. . . .

“. . . If not stopped, this diabolical scheme will culminate in a world government crowned by a Luciferian world religion enforced at the point of the sword. . . .

“With all the passion of my soul, I encourage you to come to Christ, to boldly defend the truth, and to “stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free” (Galatians 5:1). The Synagogue of Satan can only give you misery and false hope whereas the fold of the Good Shepherd, the Savior Jesus Christ, offers you everlasting life, never-ending joy, eternal love, and mansions in our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.”

Zack Strong

January 20, 2018.



20 thoughts on ““A Century of Red” – Book Release

  1. If you continue your research, you will find that the subversion of Christianity in the Western world in the past 100 years points right back at the Jewish social and cultural revolutionaries. Take your pick as to which specific issue you wish to research and you will find that ethnic Jews were at the forefront of pushing it on to the rest of us. The Jews are acting as agents for a Satanic plot, even if they are unaware of this. Christian Zionists are heretics and serve as useful idiots to the Jews.

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    • It is not only the Jews, but yes, certain Jewish elements are heavily involved and even fill the leading roles in this Luciferian conspiracy. I talk about that at length in my book. One of the largest chapters of my book is devoted totally to the Jewish involvement in conspiracy. I mention the Jewish hand in several other chapters, too. For instance, I mention their crucial involvement in my sections on Antifah, the phony Civil Rights movement, drug-pushing, feminism, etc. In several places, I emphasized that Kabbalistic thought undergirds the entire gamut of occult conspiracy. Trust me, I’m very aware of the Jewish aspect of the Satanic cabal. It has been one of my big areas of study in recent years. Thank you for your comment and continued support of my work. Zack Strong

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      • To clarify, not all Jewish individuals are revolutionaries, but a very terribly disproportionate percentage of leaders of revolutionary movements (be these economic, political, social or cultural) are ethnic Jews. This, by the way, is independent of any “Luciferian” conspiracy. Many of these Jews are atheists, others follow the Talmud. (Consider the harm done by Bela Kun’s murderous but short lived regime in Hungary in 1919.)

        Some of us, myself included, have come to refer to this as the Jewish revolutionary nature. This revolutionary nature may even be a psychopathology. Before anyone tries to smear me with the term “anti-Semite”, they must consider this query: why cannot Jews live peaceably within a host society and not be constantly attempting to subvert that society’s culture and values?


  2. I believe “disproportionate” is one of the words I use in my book to describe the number of Jews in high level positions within the conspiracy. Truly, the number of Jews in the conspiracy is wildly disproportionate to the earth’s total population of Jews. Jews have been revolutionary by nature, you are correct. For both good and ill, those of Israelite lineage have been, are, and will remain a marked people.

    Zack Strong

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