What We Learned from the Midterm Election 

Here’s what we know about yesterday’s midterm election – the Establishment that has a history of cheating continues to cheat. Shocker. In the days leading up to the election, I published two articles warning patriots not to get their hopes up and not to put their faith in elections. The articles are here and here. In other recent articles, I have been pessimistic about future elections in America. 

I am not always right, but I am more often than not. This time, sadly, I was right. Among other things, I gave some thoughts in my last two articles that I want to recap before moving on to my observations about last night’s Grand Theft America. On November fourth, I wrote

“It is difficult to imagine a free and fair election happening next week. Puppet Biden has already come out and said that we won’t know the election results on election night, but that we must wait at least several days. Except in 2020 with all of its egregious anomalies and malicious malpractice, it has never been standard practice to wait to reveal the winners. We have always known, on election night, who won elections. The only logical reason why the power-that-be would plan to wait until days after the election to declare winners is to cheat. It’s certainly not because of the so-called “Pandemic” that the fake “president” has declared to be over!  

“Unless the Establishment cheats again, there will be a massive victory for Republicans. In my life, I have never seen such vehement backlash against an American regime as against Biden and his cronies the past two years. The polls, which are classically wrong, also show a strong bent towards Republicans. Despite the popular voice, the corrupt ruling Establishment which has no morals and will do literally anything – including unleash a plague, start a war, or steal an election – to stay in power.  

“The fact that the Satanic communist conspiracy which holds us in a vice grip will resort to any and all Devilish tactics to stay in power is why it is utterly delusional to think that the madness will end because of an election. If Americans flood the polling booths and overwhelm the cheating so much that America-first patriots are installed throughout the country, it will be a pyrrhic victory because the traitors won’t go quietly into the night. They will fight back. They could unleash another plague or go to war in the Middle East. They may pull a false-flag attack and eliminate the current weak regime, replacing it with a military dictatorship. I have discussed the coming assassination false flag here and here. The jackals may even invite Russia to start a world war, which Russia has been planning to wage for decades. There is literally nothing they wouldn’t do to retain power. . . . 

“The conspirators aren’t scared of us. They hold the American People in contempt. Why would they be scared of us? What have we ever done to remove them from power or prosecute them for their crimes? We haven’t held them accountable for their criminality, corruption, foreign entanglements, illegal wars, illegal spending, unconstitutional dealings, treason with foreign regimes, stolen elections, and trampling of our nation’s history and laws. In all seriousness, why would they fear us?  

“The American People have become, to a great extent, weak like other nations. When our presidential election was stolen and enough Senate seats (e.g. in Georgia) were stolen to flip the Senate, one or two million patriots waved flags in D.C. That was our big “resistance.” That was all we did. It was pathetic and shameful!  

“On January 6, 2021, when I saw the headline flash across the news that patriots had stormed the Capitol Building, I felt a momentary leap of excitement. I thought, maybe, some people were finally fed up enough with being treated like slaves that they were fighting back. I was wrong. The headlines were blown out of proportion. A few hundred people, many of them federal provocateurs, entered the Capitol while, amazingly, the rest tried to stop them. What did President Trump do? He never even attempted the Capitol gathering, but, instead, called upon everyone to go home in peace. He similarly did nothing when BLM and Antifa were burning down the nation. The only thing he really did in 2020 was shut down the U.S. economy and kickstart the program of vaccination genocide. So, please, tell me, why should the Luciferian Elite be scared of us?  

“Furthermore, the majority of the traitors in Washington are unelected. They won’t be out of a job because of an election. Even if they were to be fired by an incoming president, for instance, they all run in the same cliques and belong to the same secret societies; their future in politics is secure. Trump didn’t drain anything – the swamp is fuller than ever and is oozing out onto everything. . . . 

“Elections, as important as they are, can’t do anything meaningful to halt the rising tide of criminality and corruption because these stem not from policies alone but from personal principles. The character of our People, not the characters in Washington, is what matters. The madness won’t stop because it can’t be stopped on an external level; it must be halted within. Until we reform ourselves as individuals and a society, no election results will have any lasting impact. We could literally elect George Washington as president and there would not be enough substantive changes he could make to fix America. No election will fix our broken Republic!” 

I said many more things in that article that I hope you will take the time to go back and read, because they are relevant to our future path forward as a People. In fact, they get to the heart of the issues and how to truly change our nation and world. The point, however, is that I predicted that the election wouldn’t change America for the better. I said the cheating would continue and it did. Does anyone honestly believe, for example, that Arizona is a blue state? It may be premature to call Arizona for the Democrats since not all the votes have been counted and the races are close, however, according to the controlled press, Democrats more or less swept the state last night. Who truly believes that? 

Even if you think Arizona is split down the middle, you still have to account for the voting machine problems that “coincidentally” plagued the election literally from the first moments of the day (but only in Republican areas). Why did so many of the machines stop working – again? Why were some of the machines misreading ballots – again? Why were votes being flipped from Republican to Democratic candidates – again? Why were election workers telling people that instead of tabulating their votes then and there, they’d do it later in the night? Why was the person running as a candidate allowed to remain charge of the election without recusing herself? Arizona was ground zero for election fraud in 2020 and it appears they wanted to keep their crown in 2022. 

Furthermore, taking a bigger view, why did Dominion voting machines go down in New Jersey? Why did people in multiple states, including Arizona and Michigan to name only two, show up to the polls only to be told they had already voted? How did Fetterman, who can’t string two words together in a coherent sentence, supposedly win in Pennsylvania? How did Warnock, who was fraudulently elected last time, win again over Walker? Walker may still win the day since it appears so close that it will cause a special run-off election, but, at the current time, the media shows Warnock ahead by 35,000 votes. Why were dead people voting in multiple states? Perhaps it is the dead voters who elected the dead Democrat Barbara Cooper in Tennessee’s District 86 and gave her at least 73% of the tally! That’s only slightly more disheartening than seeing a transgender win in Minnesota, an adulterer win in Colorado, and Missourians stupidly vote to legalize drug use. 

If you paid attention to the poll returns all night, you noticed that the controlled media was right – the Republicans would appear to be ahead and, then, late at night, the Democrats would win. Premeditated cheating: Check! This is exactly what happened in 2020. And to think it’s normal and legitimate for the Democrats to suddenly win by slim margins late at night stretches credulity. 

Feelings and beliefs don’t trump facts and truth. However, common sense is very important in these matters. Does anyone believe, on a gut level, that the Democrats held their own in this election after having so blatantly destroyed the country the past two years? Everyone honest American knows his purchasing power is down, supply lines are strained, the country is more divided, the government lies, the justice system prosecutes patriots, the medical establishment was not only wrong but malicious regarding vaccination and the Coronahoax scamdemic, the regime has us on the verge of world war, and so on, yet the American People supposedly voted for those who are responsible? That’s what the media is selling, but I’m not buying it. 

As ignorant as the American People often are, we aren’t that ignorant. I think, one day, in the next life, people will be stunned to see how many elections – beginning long before 2020 – were stolen by the conspiracy and how often the voice of the People was overthrown. There is plenty of evidence, for instance, that Mitt Romney – as despicable a charlatan as he is – won the presidential election over Obama in 2012. That election swindle isn’t even on anyone’s radar, yet it’s one example of so many of our elections being stolen. 

The only reason people are aware of election rigging now is because of how blatant and overt the theft was in 2020. Had it not been so unreasonable to assume that Beijing Biden, who barely campaigned, couldn’t draw a crowd, and couldn’t hide his dementia, beat a wildly popular Donald Trump with unprecedented crowds and the best record of any president in at least a generation, most people probably would’ve shrugged at a Trump defeat. 

As it is, everyone with any shred of honesty and common sense (and anyone who bothered to research the issue beyond what CNN and mainstream propaganda outlets say) knows that President Trump easily won on election night. It was only after the counting was mysteriously halted across multiple key states where Trump was comfortably ahead that fake ballots – many having been printed in China – were poured into the tabulators literally by the millions to change the outcomes. That’s so well-documented that no one can deny it at this point. Don’t you recall watching the videos of George poll workers pulling out hidden suitcases of ballots after hours and running them through the machines? The fraud was massive! Watch the documentary film “2000 Mules” if you need further convincing or want more video evidence (here is a special look into the film that includes an interview with President Trump). 

And though the “paper” trail is slightly harder to document and doesn’t have the same type of video evidence, it is also widely documented that many voting machines were being hacked and manipulated, and votes were changed in large quantities, in real time by an international conglomerate of nefarious nations. Conspirators working out of China, Canada, Venezuela, Russia, and beyond, have all been caught manipulating votes in America. It was a coordinated attack on America by domestic and foreign traitors. It was, frankly, a communist coup. 

However, as I pointed out above, the same traitors who stole the 2020 election were the ones in charge of the elections last night. They had no compunction stealing the election in 2020 and they had no compunction stealing it last night. There are two reasons for this. First, they have no morals and will do literally anything for power, including steal elections, unleash plagues, lie, or start a war. That’s obvious. It’s part of the communist creed that the ends justify the means. 

Second, why wouldn’t they use their tried-and-true tactic? They know that the American People took it sitting down last time. We grumbled and waved some flags, sure, but we didn’t revolt as we should have. We didn’t burn down the country like BLM and Antifa. We didn’t prosecute anyone. We didn’t demand it remain the key issue in the news until it was rectified. We didn’t storm government buildings, the January 6th myth notwithstanding. We really didn’t do anything except complain on the internet. We allowed the duly elected president to be ramrodded and thrust out of office while we sat around on our hands. 

There is an interesting feature of criminal psychology that we should be aware of. Many criminals think we deserve to be victimized if we are too stupid or if we won’t fight back. The great historian and former FBI agent W. Cleon Skousen once gave an example of this. He said that if you invited a known thief to your home, you were essentially telling him, “I’m so careless and stupid to permit a thief to enter my home that I deserve to be robbed. Also, because I’m so stupid, I clearly don’t deserve all of this nice stuff I have.” And so it is with the political criminals we face. If they push, and we backpedal, then we deserve to be pushed! Last night’s election is more evidence of this principle at play. 

As we witness yet more stolen elections in places like Arizona (though the full results are not in yet and some of the races may yet flip when/if all the voting machine “glitches” get sorted out and the corrupt regulators get around to counting the hundreds of thousands of uncounted ballots), we should realize that our “peaceful” reaction to having our sovereignty smashed and our voice silenced two years ago only emboldened the criminals and assured that the vaunted “red wave” was mellow and pathetic. They will do it again next time, too, if indeed there even is a 2024 election. We have only ourselves to blame. As I said before the election, the madness wasn’t going to end and, in fact, it would only get worse. 

Two days ago, I wrote

“Let me be clear, without fraud like in 2020, Republicans are going to win tomorrow. But does it matter much? Elections do matter and can change policies – simply observe the Biden regime’s growing nightmare of the past two years. However, in the grand scheme of things, will an election save the world? Will an election change the course of human history? Will an election keep wars, plagues, famine, natural disasters, and evil at bay? Will an election change the hearts of men and cause them to usher in the Millennial reign of the Messiah? . . . . 

“At the end of the day, we have to sincerely make the choice to be better and do better. We have to choose to care enough to change. We have to do what is right, not what is expedient, popular, or easy. We have to repent and reform. We have to pay the price to educate ourselves and our loves ones. We have to sacrifice to regain the Liberty we have lost. We have to fight as our Founding Fathers fought to restore the Republic.  

“None of this is easy and it requires a full-spectrum approach. One election won’t move the dial far enough; fixing things will require a radical reformation of our faith, our families, our communities, our election system, our education system, our entertainment choices, our public and private morality, our free speech laws, our health choices, our preaching, our discipline, our work ethic, and so forth. . . . 

“What awaits mankind from now until the Lord returns is “wars and rumors of wars among all the nations” and all the other judgments mentioned above. It is delusion to believe that the next election will solve everything or that reelecting Donald Trump will fix our problems or that joining international bodies like NATO or the UN will help or that giving billions of dollars to the state of Israel will curry favor with God. Mark my words, though there may be a momentary sigh of relief if the Republicans are allowed to win without having the election stolen, the international situation will go from bad to worse. . . . 

“Please, go vote. Please, vote for principle over party. Please, support our divinely inspired Constitution. Please, be actively engaged in defending truth and promoting Faith, Families, and Freedom. However, don’t be deluded. Don’t put your faith in politics. Don’t believe an election will change everything. Don’t put your faith in men – Donald Trump or otherwise – who ultimately can’t stop the judgments that have been decreed by Heaven. . . . 

“No, we won’t have an easy go of it, fellow Christian. Things will get much worse, regardless of who wins tomorrow’s election; be ready for it and don’t lose faith. We’ve barely entered the danger zone and the worst is yet to come.” 

Not much needs to be said except, I was right. Those who put their faith in the election had their faith shaken. Those who put their faith in men – or women, like Kari Lake – are likely shocked and reeling. Those who thought Americans were going to overwhelm the election stealers despite not doing anything last time to reverse the steal and prosecute the criminals, are probably again confused at what went wrong. And, finally, those who haven’t done anything to reform their lives and who live without God perhaps have a hollow feeling or a sense of despair and uncertainty for the future. 

Holy writ doesn’t do much to bolster our faith in temporal salvation. Instead, prophecy is quite clear that we are in a time of suffering and tribulation; a time when Satan will rule, tyranny will reign, corruption will be rampant, and sin will increase. The Savior was clear that trials would increase, not decrease, before His Second Coming. Brace yourself; it’s only going to get crazier from here on out

Finally, regarding predictions, I want to remind you all of something I predicted in September; namely, that the Marxist Establishment won’t allow Donald Trump to win in 2024. President Trump is apparently set to formally announce his candidacy for 2024 next week. He won’t win; he won’t be allowed to. In September, I reasoned: 

“They [i.e. the corrupt Establishment] also know that the evidence of their election theft is ironclad and they are using their experienced mechanism of mind manipulation to hide it, ignore it, and distort it. They are confident they will win because they know that if the American People had any spirit, they would rebel and reinstate their rightful president. Since Americans lack the spirit of their forefathers in sufficient measure and, instead of manly action, want to settle things at the rigged ballot box, the criminals have pulled out all the stops to prevent Trump from running in 2024. They will, however, use force if we begin to man up and start rebelling in the American tradition. . . . 

“The longer President Trump delays announcing his bid for 2024, the more opportunities the shadow government has of indicting him or concocting some other reason why he can’t run in 2024. They have raided his Mar-a-Lago home, tampered with evidence, called for his indictment and arrest, and are now falsely screeching that Trump is calling for insurrection before the midterm election. They are showing their hand. They are projecting.   

“They were also projecting in 2020 when they said that Trump would cancel the election or use the military to stay in power. I believe this is what might happen in 2024; some are predicting it will happen before the upcoming midterms. I personally don’t think a military rollout will happen before November, but I also don’t believe that Beijing Biden will survive until the 2024 election. When Biden is removed, the final steps will be rapidly taken to cement a dictatorship in America. It will fail; but O, the blood it will cost to dismantle! 

“In my June 2021 article “The Coming Assassination False Flag,” I articulated my view that the Luciferian cabal will act to remove Biden and Kamala jointly and establish some form of dictatorship or continuity of government situation prior to the 2024 election – an election they know they would lose if fairly conducted (just like they lost in 2020 to less awake and pissed off electorate).  

“I posited in that article that they may pull an assassination of the puppet president and vice-president, blame it on Trump supporters or “right-wing extremists” or even on a foreign power like Iran, and, then, like Skull & Bonesman George W. Bush did post-9/11, suspend civil Liberties or even the U.S. Constitution. There are myriad executive orders and acts relative to a continuity of government on the books and the current regime is gearing up to implement them. They only need a sufficient pretext – real or provocateured – to use them. . . . 

“Can they pull the same stunts time and time again before America wakes up? The Elites’ false flags and lies are starting to fall on deaf ears and even Democrats are abandoning their party. But that’s the brilliance of the idea I have outlined – it doesn’t require common consent, but only one faction to voice their consent. The Elite have always wanted a civil war, but they have always wanted it on their terms and framed in a very specific way to scapegoat true patriots for their own crimes. This is why they project so routinely.  

“When they say that “MAGA Republicans” are threats to the country, they are secretly revealed that they are the threats. When they say that we are “insurrectionists,” they betray the fact that they are insurrectionists waging a generational war against our institutions. When they say that we are preparing to overthrow the government or commit acts of violence, they are planning to do so.  

“That’s what is coming – a public coup, an overthrow of the Republic, a top-down revolt against the People by a clique of gangsters who have seized key positions of power and now want to eviscerate Liberty completely. However, it will be done in the name of protecting America against internal enemies (i.e. dissidents who try to stop the hostile takeover) or avenging some horrible deed, such as an assassination or terror attack. The media will beat the war drums and the flag will be used to cover this naked attack on America. . . . 

“The Democrats have stolen numerous elections big and small, so they have no compunction doing so. However, they know that the American People are now aware of their fraud and won’t stand for it too many times. So, while they plan to steal more elections as a short-term policy, they know that simply controlling one, or even both, Establishment political parties is a dead end.  

“That leaves them with the second option – “fomenting internal civil war.” Since this is something they have been planning for decades, they’re not overly worried; especially since the American People are divided and are at each other’s throats. They know that though we outnumber them by a vast majority, we will fall if we are divided. . . . 

“God will never abandon a righteous remnant on this special covenant land of America. Jesus Christ is the God of the land and we must serve Him. Those who do will be blessed, upheld, and preserved through the coming days. This is called the “tribulation” for a reason. It won’t be easy. We will watch our Republic be stolen from us by traitors and tyrants. We will watch our champions be killed or prosecuted. We will watch foreign nations and international entities rip us apart as the traitors in government do nothing but foment discord and civil war. Peace will be taken from the earth and the only place we will be able to turn for safety is Heaven.

“Only fools put their trust in men. Donald Trump won’t and can’t save us. No white knight is coming to rescue us. No George Washington is going to step up and lead with his commanding presence and iron will. Only God, whose land America is, can save us. And He can only save us when we repent, turn to Him, trust in Him, enter into His covenants, and live as His warriors of light and truth.  

“President Trump may run in 2024 – I would be shocked if he didn’t – but those who stole victory from him in 2020 are entrenched in power and they will do it again, even if they have to start a civil war, carry out false-flag terrorism, kill their own puppet-in-chief, install a dictatorship, and smash the entire sham government and society to do it. We may or may not even have an election in 2024, depending on whether the Elite can find a way to remove Trump from the running and/or replace Biden with a stronger tyrant.  

“We are at the end of the line. The American Republic has run its course. The principles of Liberty are eternal and the U.S. Constitution is inspired; they will continue. A righteous and well-prepared remnant will be preserved. But a Bolshevik dictatorship is going to be installed and tyranny will reign, for however brief a time. It will be established in blood, it will gorge itself on blood, and it will die in blood. The fall of Babylon is a prophetic certainty, yet so is the carnage it will perpetrate as it dies.” 

Folks, the tribulation is about to get real. The Republicans didn’t save you yesterday and they won’t save you in 2024. There may not even be an election in 2024! I think our nation is heading for cataclysm within the next two years or so. Can you honestly imagine that the same people who unleashed a plague and are committing vaccine genocide will just fade away? Not hardly! No election will defeat them. And will we ever have a fair election again anyway? Pray tell, how is Donald Trump going to win in 2024 if he couldn’t “stop the steal” against him in 2020? He had the power of the presidency and yet he still couldn’t “stop the steal.” How in the world will he be able to prevent it in 2024? Answer: He won’t be able to. He may not even get the opportunity to have it stolen from him if the world continues to spiral at the rate it is currently. 

Any way you slice it, yesterday’s election was a farce on its face. It was a blatant steal – just as blatant as in 2020. From voting machines strategically going offline or breaking only in Republican strongholds or numerous people being disenfranchised by someone who voted in their place and under their name to giant spikes that are statistically impossible being inputted in late at night in key areas to trucks arriving at polling places late in the night to unload mysterious ballots, the theft is just as brazen now as in 2020. Forgive me for saying it, but you’re a mental midget if you can’t see it. And you don’t have integrity or a spine if you won’t openly say it was a stolen election. If you can’t even say the truth, cease calling yourself an American or a patriot. 

I want to cover two more points before closing. First, Republicans have again identified themselves as the real obstacle to progress in America. Second, third parties may continue to rise and play an important role in shaping American politics. 

First, the Republican Party has shown its true colors yet again in this election. Republicans are turncoats. They’re traitors almost as bad as the Democrats – especially the Establishment types. We love to heap hate on the Democrats, but we turn a blind eye to the Republicans’ perfidy. Republicans have waged illegal wars, driven us into greater debt, closed down the economy, pushed radical vaccine genocide, pushed unconstitutional laws and amendments, compromised on major issues, protected businesses and banks that should’ve failed, bowed to international interests, kissed the ring of the internationalists, sold our sovereignty to the United Nations and NATO, and so on. 

In many instances, there is no substantive difference between a Republican and a Democrat. For example, in the Pennsylvania race between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Dr. Oz, though Fetterman is unequivocally more brain dead and Lurch-like, it really doesn’t matter much because Dr. Oz is so lukewarm in his constitutional principles. I would almost rather see all Republicans lose if it would shock American patriots into coherence and finally wake them up to the awful reality. 

Even though Republicans are victims of massive fraud, they have only themselves to blame. Yes, I am victim blaming! In the first place, Republicans don’t have more popular support because they have compromised so much on the principles of Liberty and have been wishy-washy on Americanism. I don’t vote Republican and that is precisely why; I value the Constitution and correct principles too much to lower myself to vote Republican. Secondly, after being cheated out of the elections in 2020, Republicans have done next to nothing to rectify the situation! It’s almost as if the Establishment Republicans threw the match and wanted to lose. 

Look, Democrats are pure evil. They are Marxists by another name. I don’t expect anything good from them. I expect them to lie, cheat, and steal. I expect them to sell out the country. Republicans, on the other hand, talk a good talk. They claim to be America-first patriots. They give lip service to the Constitution. They supposedly support the family and are outwardly Christians. Because of this, I hold them to a much higher standard. 

It is more offense to me, and a greater betrayal, to see a Republican do anything against the Constitution because they should be better than that. Democrats are at least mostly honest about wanting to shut down and wreck the country. Duplicitous Republicans, therefore, are the chief obstacle to progress in America. The sooner patriots leave the Republican Party and elect non-affiliated or third-party candidates who love the Constitution, understand Freedom, and are upright before God, the better. 

This brings me to my last of the two points; namely, that this election highlights not only the need, but the possibility, of one or more third parties rising to prominence. I have finally started hearing some patriots say things like, “Maybe we just need to let the Republican Party burn and start a new party.” Third-party candidates and independents were prominent in the state of Utah. I know a little something about this. 

Many of my readers know that in 2014 I ran for the U.S. House of Representatives out of Utah’s 3rd District under the Independent American Party banner. That year, the treasonous Republicans in government banned all third-party candidates from the debates in total contravention of law. Nevertheless, as an unknown third-party candidate with no social network or website behind me, no money to campaign, and who was prohibited from the debates, I still brought in 3,192 votes and came in third behind the Republican and Democrat candidates. 

The Independent American Party (IAP) has enjoyed a gradually rising presence in Utah. This election, for the position of Utah County Clerk, Jake Oaks, a personal friend, took second place with over 13% of the vote. He ran on the Independent American Party ticket. For the position of U.S. Senator, Tommy Williams gained over 8,300 votes for the IAP. In that same race, Evan McMullin, who is an Establishment plant, ran as “unaffiliated,” taking second place with 41.6% of the vote behind Republican Mike Lee. Also for senate, the Libertarian candidate James Hansen took 18,500 votes. If patriots are sincere about caring for America, third parties like the Independent American Party or Constitution Party are great vehicles that can be used to restore the nation. 

In other states, a few races were affected by third-party voting. In the Georgia U.S. Senate race between Herschel Walker and the Marxist Raphael Warnock, the current vote difference is about 35,000. 81,000 votes went to the Libertarian Party candidate Chase Oliver. In the big race between Fetterman and Oz in Pennsylvania, the current difference is 191,000. Three third-party candidates, combined, received votes totaling about 126,000. Not necessarily enough to change the outcome of the election, but enough to make it very close and less decisive. 

As more and more Americans become disaffected by the Republicans and Democrats – especially as the Democrats continue to steal everything and Republicans continue to allow it and betray their principles – more people will flow to these smaller parties. People say third parties are not “viable.” Hogwash. They’re as viable as people make them. The Republican Party would cease to be viable tomorrow if sufficient quantities of patriots left its ranks. The Independent American Party or Constitution Party – the two best third parties, in my opinion – stand waiting to receive Republican refugees with open arms. If you care about the Constitution and the principles of Liberty, how can you still vote Republican, let alone Democrat? 

To close, let me simply reiterate that this midterm election was stolen by the Establishment in favor of the Democrats. It is still early, but we already know much about the tactics that were used last night to swindle the vote. Below are some great articles on what we know so far about the election manipulations and theft that happened and that are ongoing. Stay in formed. Be aware of the awful reality engulfing us. And know that, regardless of whether the Republicans manage to get a few more seats or even governorships, nothing will truly change in America’s favor. Turn to God and repent – this is the way; the only way. 

Zack Strong, 
November 10, 2022 



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