The Madness Won’t End

“[W]ith God’s help and God’s blessing, the madness will end November 8, next Tuesday, at the ballot box.” – Glenn Beck, November 4, 2022 

Too many people place their faith and hope in voting. Many, if not most, good-hearted American patriots believe that things will change with the next election. Some are even preemptively saying, “Well, even if we don’t win everything we want in 2022, then surely in 2024 we will change things. . .” This is delusion. Things will not magically change after the November election or even after 2024 (if we even have an election that year). Today, I will tell you why. 

I am not one who says, “Voting is pointless” or “voting doesn’t matter.” To the contrary, I believe voting is a duty, that it is important, and that it has the power to change many things, especially on a local level. It has the power to overcome efforts to cheat and steal, for instance. 

In 2020, an international cabal coordinated their efforts to steal the presidential election from President Donald Trump. This was obvious at the time and it has been even more painfully obvious and verified by an onslaught of facts since. However, there were elections prior to 2020 that the same cabal attempted to steal, but was unable to because of the sheer number of voters who overwhelmed their manipulations. For example, in 2016, the fix was in and Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. Cheating, rigged voting machines, and manipulation was rife, but so many people came out in favor of President Trump that the cheating fell short. The same was true of Florida and Texas in 2020, to name two only examples. 

Voting, then, is an important tool in our anti-tyranny arsenal. However, to blindly think that voting alone will solve all our problems like a magic wand, is the folly of fools. I do not suggest that Glenn Beck, whose hopeful quote about the upcoming election I cited at the beginning of this piece, is a fool. I believe that he knows full well what’s coming, but that he’s trying to rally enough people to the cause in order to engage them in the brutal fight he knows is upon us.  

It is difficult to imagine a free and fair election happening next week. Puppet Biden has already come out and said that we won’t know the election results on election night, but that we must wait at least several days. Except in 2020 with all of its egregious anomalies and malicious malpractice, it has never been standard practice to wait to reveal the winners. We have always known, on election night, who won elections. The only logical reason why the power-that-be would plan to wait until days after the election to declare winners is to cheat. It’s certainly not because of the so-called “Pandemic” that the fake “president” has declared to be over! 

Unless the Establishment cheats again, there will be a massive victory for Republicans. In my life, I have never seen such vehement backlash against an American regime as against Biden and his cronies the past two years. The polls, which are classically wrong, also show a strong bent towards Republicans. Despite the popular voice, the corrupt ruling Establishment which has no morals and will do literally anything – including unleash a plague, start a war, or steal an election – to stay in power. 

The fact that the Satanic communist conspiracy which holds us in a vice grip will resort to any and all Devilish tactics to stay in power is why it is utterly delusional to think that the madness will end because of an election. If Americans flood the polling booths and overwhelm the cheating so much that America-first patriots are installed throughout the country, it will be a pyrrhic victory because the traitors won’t go quietly into the night. They will fight back. They could unleash another plague or go to war in the Middle East. They may pull a false-flag attack and eliminate the current weak regime, replacing it with a military dictatorship. I have discussed the coming assassination false flag here and here. The jackals may even invite Russia to start a world war, which Russia has been planning to wage for decades. There is literally nothing they wouldn’t do to retain power. 

Evil never goes away peacefully. There is not one example in history of a despotic regime simply giving up its power. The only seeming exception is the Soviet Union. But, as I have labored to teach for over two decades, the “fall” of the USSR was pure political theater. It was a ruse designed to fool the West. Have you ever noticed how nothing fazes Russia? Wars, sanctions, NATO allegedly creeping up on its borders – it all benefits Russia. When you ask, “cui bono?” about world events, there is only one answer – KGB-controlled Russia (and its communist Chinese sidekick).  

“Bolshevism without the Mask”

The United States is controlled by the same type of raving Bolshevist psychopaths that control Russia and China today. The fact that we haven’t been locked in a GULAG and gunned down in mass graves (yet) is only because we have a heritage of true Freedom. Christian American gun owners who know the Constitution and love their Liberty have stood in the gap and have slowed the socialist advance. 

However, since 2020, that advance has accelerated at breakneck speed. The mask is off. Everyone with one-fourth of a working brain knows that Beijing Biden is an illegitimate puppet fraudulently installed in a stolen election by an international cabal of criminal conspirators. Everyone with a functioning brain also knows that the Coronahoax scamdemic was an event deliberately orchestrated by the world Marxist Elite to destroy the global economy, provide a pretext to usher in a worldwide program of socialist restructuring, and start their long-awaited plan for global genocide via vaccination, starvation, and war. 

The conspirators aren’t scared of us. They hold the American People in contempt. Why would they be scared of us? What have we ever done to remove them from power or prosecute them for their crimes? We haven’t held them accountable for their criminality, corruption, foreign entanglements, illegal wars, illegal spending, unconstitutional dealings, treason with foreign regimes, stolen elections, and trampling of our nation’s history and laws. In all seriousness, why would they fear us? 

The American People have become, to a great extent, weak like other nations. When our presidential election was stolen and enough Senate seats (e.g. in Georgia) were stolen to flip the Senate, one or two million patriots waved flags in D.C. That was our big “resistance.” That was all we did. It was pathetic and shameful! 

On January 6, 2021, when I saw the headline flash across the news that patriots had stormed the Capitol Building, I felt a momentary leap of excitement. I thought, maybe, some people were finally fed up enough with being treated like slaves that they were fighting back. I was wrong. The headlines were blown out of proportion. A few hundred people, many of them federal provocateurs, entered the Capitol while, amazingly, the rest tried to stop them. What did President Trump do? He never even attempted the Capitol gathering, but, instead, called upon everyone to go home in peace. He similarly did nothing when BLM and Antifa were burning down the nation. The only thing he really did in 2020 was shut down the U.S. economy and kickstart the program of vaccination genocide. So, please, tell me, why should the Luciferian Elite be scared of us? 

Furthermore, the majority of the traitors in Washington are unelected. They won’t be out of a job because of an election. Even if they were to be fired by an incoming president, for instance, they all run in the same cliques and belong to the same secret societies; their future in politics is secure. Trump didn’t drain anything – the swamp is fuller than ever and is oozing out onto everything. 

The Federal Reserve leviathan likewise won’t die because of an election; they have bragged that they are unaccountable to Congress. Marxism won’t stop being taught in public schools because of an election. Congress won’t stop sending all our money abroad to Israel, Ukraine, and other nations, because of an election. The controlled media won’t stop its 24/7 spewing of lies because of an election. 

More importantly, Americans won’t suddenly become moral and virtuous because of an election. We won’t stop fornicating and committing adultery because of an election. Our People won’t turn back to God and repent of their sins because of an election. Deadbeat dads won’t suddenly take responsibility because of an election. Feminist mothers won’t suddenly fix their priorities and come back to the hearth because of an election. Hollywood won’t stop peddling filth and Marxism because of new leadership in Congress or Washington. GMO food, 5G waves, and psychotropic drugs won’t vanish into thin air because of how you vote. Ad infinitum. 

Elections, as important as they are, can’t do anything meaningful to halt the rising tide of criminality and corruption because these stem not from policies alone but from personal principles. The character of our People, not the characters in Washington, is what matters. The madness won’t stop because it can’t be stopped on an external level; it must be halted within. Until we reform ourselves as individuals and a society, no election results will have any lasting impact. We could literally elect George Washington as president and there would not be enough substantive changes he could make to fix America. No election will fix our broken Republic! 

John Adams demystified the dilemma for us when he said: 

“The only foundation of a free constitution is pure virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our people in a greater measure than they have it now, they may change their rulers and the forms of government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty. They will only exchange tyrants and tyrannies” (John Adams to Zabdiel Adams, June 21, 1776). 

So, America, you can change all your rulers next Tuesday and in two more years – you can vote the bums out – but it won’t dramatically help your situation. No election will save you. The ballot box is not your redeemer. There is no white knight – no, not Donald Trump and not Ron DeSantis – waiting to ride in to rescue you from the jaws of defeat. 

The only way America will be saved is through repentance and reformation. There must be a new Great Awakening. There must be a religious revival as well as a revival of political republicanism. We must abandon defunct principles and replace them with pure ones. We must relinquish bad habits and substitute virtuous habits in their place. We must become a praying People, a People that reads the holy scriptures and embraces the current word of God, and a People that stands as witnesses of Christ in all things, in all times, and in all places. 

America is too broken to be saved by political fixes; it requires the Savior’s balm of Gilead to revive us. Only the Master can heal us and make us whole again. Only the Lord can mend our hearts and minds. Only the Messiah can soothe and save our souls. 

Please, go to the polls next week. Vote for constitutionalist candidates and reject sell-out candidates of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Vote for principles. Vote for America. But don’t think your job is finished when you walk out of that voting booth. In truth, it has just begun.  

Now is the time for you to decide to serve the Lord, repent of your sins, and embrace the light. Now is the time to study the Constitution and the eternal principles of Liberty. Now is the time to bolster your Faith, Families, and Freedom in any way you can. Now is the time to fortify your life because what comes after this election, whether it is successful or not, is hell unleashed. 

Satan’s days are numbered and the Lord is returning sooner than many think. However, because Satan’s minions have ripped their masks off, they are more dangerous and will work harder to win at all costs. Tyranny is out in the open and the collectivists aren’t hiding their goal to erect a one-world Luciferian state. 

Because the enemy is now unmasked, he can only do one thing – attack. No longer will he creep in the shadows – he will stalk you and your loved ones in the streets. He is on the offensive and you must prepare to face him on the field of battle. This is a war! It doesn’t matter if you want to fight; he has declared war against you and everything you hold dear. Now is the time to become a Freedom fighter and a warrior for everything holy, truthful, and good. 

Please, vote next week; but don’t neglect the more important daily tasks of fighting Satanic oppression in your home, in your neighborhood, at work, at your kids’ school, at church, and wherever you go. You can’t escape the fight, so embrace it as our ancestors did before. They relied on God, fought in His name, and won. If we will trust Him and fight in His name as this war intensifies beyond what any of us have ever seen over the next few years, we will win, too. 

No, the madness won’t end because of the upcoming election – a wounded and cornered animal is more dangerous than ever – but you can sound the death knell of Satanic tyranny in your personal life today by calling upon the Savior Jesus Christ, defending your Faith, Families, and Freedom, supporting the Constitution, and spreading truth to educate a sleeping People which is in desperate need of fire-carrying leaders

Zack Strong, 
November 4, 2022 

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