There is Still Time to Prepare

One day, the lights will go off, the news will stop broadcasting, gas pumps will cease to function, the highways will bog down and become impassable, trucks will stop delivering food, food will vanish from store shelves, police will stop arresting criminals, law and order will collapse, mobs and gangs will own the streets, bullets and bombs with explode with fury, mushroom clouds will be seen where once stood great cities and military bases, and panic will be palpable in the air. Many people roll their eyes at this type of warning. “It can never happen here,” they boast. Oh, but it can. And it will

Not only can it happen here, but many of the items on the list have already happened at various times. In our history, we have been invaded by foreign foes, rocked by civil war, endured uprisings, watched as cities were burned by Marxist thugs, lived through a great depression, participated in two world wars, suffered droughts, floods, severe blizzards, and myriad natural disasters, weathered terror attacks and false flags, lived through plagues both real and fictitious, witnessed presidential assassinations, rigged elections, and de facto coups, seen mass roundups of dissidents and other innocent people, and so forth. To say “It can’t happen here” is one of the most asinine and ignorant statements a person could ever utter.

Furthermore, America is considered the “main enemy” of the communist regimes in Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and beyond. They and their Western allies – traitors in our own government, on Wall Street, in Hollywood, and in every stratum of society – have devoted their lives to collapsing the United States and drawing us into a Bolshevist-style high-tech feudalism. Wicked individuals like George Soros have publicly pledged to destroy America and pour billions of dollars into the coffers of militant groups, judges, politicians, media personalities, think tanks, perverse movements that undermine healthy and moral culture, and so forth.

The amalgam of foreign communists, treasonous Americans of socialist and radical bents, and internationalist organizations from the Bank of International Settlements to the United Nations to the World Economic Forum to Apple to Amazon to BlackRock, is determined to erode, collapse, and conquer the United States. This clique of Luciferian, Kabbalistic gangsters will use any and all means to accomplish their goal, just as they have done in Russia, China, Venezuela, and beyond. 

This criminal cult has already unleashed a virus on humanity and used it as a pretext to inject billions of human beings with a dangerous bioweapon. Vaccines are unscientific, based on a false premise, inherently dangerous in principle, and have a suppressed history of carnage rivaled in scope and sadism only by the butchery of communism in Soviet Russia and Red China and the global genocide of the unborn we call abortion. However, the COVID-19 bioweapon is beyond the pale and has already resulted in millions of deaths worldwide – 12 million according to vaccine researcher Steve Kirsch. To think that the same jackals who did this to us won’t take it a step farther and deliberately implode the economy, create a civil conflagration, and start a world war, is utterly insane. 

It doesn’t matter if you call me a “conspiracy theorist” or think I’m deranged or alarmist. Such labels are used by the puerile and unthinking and mean nothing. How will you feel when you have to kill and eat your neighbor just to survive? Will you remember me as a “conspiracy theorist” when that dreadful day comes? When you lose everything and have to flee your home in terror, what will all your dismissals and contempt mean then?

Don’t be foolish. Don’t be prideful. Don’t be stubborn. Prepare now. You still have a little time if you begin today. The first thing you need to do is take stock of your current situation. Be realistic. Look in your pantry and see how much food you have. How long would it keep your family alive? One week? Two? A month? Is it enough? Likely it is not sufficient to keep you alive for any significant time or through any extended global crisis. The question, then, is what are you going to do about it? 

Food storage is an imperative. You must get a food storage. You need more than the two-week supply most people recommend. That’s peanuts. I recommend at least a one-year supply of food, water, and other essentials. 

Some people think this is extreme or not even possible. I assure you it is absolutely possible. I did it as a broke college student working part time and barely scraping by. Don’t tell me you can’t do it. That is an excuse. That is defeatism. You might as well curl up in a ball on the floor and cry if you are not willing to go the extra mile, shift around your priorities, and sacrifice in order to save your family.

As to the types of foods you should store, I leave it to your judgment. However, start with the staples. Begin not with the luxury items, goodies, or extras, but with rice and beans – those foods that sustain life. You may not routinely eat rice and beans, but you will be grateful for them in a crisis. Ideally, you would store the food you normally eat, but when you are first beginning, it’s more important to have something – anything – to fill your bellies.

Perhaps more importantly, you need water. It is not feasible for many people to have a one-year supply of water on hand. However, you can acquire water filtration devices, drops, and tablets fairly inexpensively. Get a Sawyer Mini or a LifeStraw. They are portable, lightweight, and can filter hundreds of gallons of water. If you say you can’t afford one, I reply that you can’t afford not to have one. If you have private property, dig a well, set up a system to catch rain, or simply buy rain barrels. You can’t live without water, so if you don’t like my suggestions, figure it out for yourself as soon as possible. Water and food should jointly be your top priority.

You also need warm clothing. Depending on where you live, this is an absolute necessity. A warm coat, boots, gloves, hat, scarf, and so forth. You need to have them. You also must have a source of warmth, whether fire, portable heaters, a power generator, extra layers, etc. You likely won’t survive a hard winter in a grid-down situation without having prepared in advance to keep yourself warm. You should likewise have a go-bag – or multiple – stashed at home and in your car that contain basic survival elements, including a way to keep warm.

You also need fuel to heat food, your shelter, and yourself. As with water, it might not be practicable for most to have a massive supply of kerosene, propane, or gasoline. However, you can have a solar power generator, wood, hydro-electric energy, and other means. It might seem expensive to get a nice generator, but what is the alternative? Sort out a source of fuel for your family.

Another extremely crucial aspect of preparedness is relocation. If you live in a huge city, good luck getting out in a crisis. If you manage to escape via the unpassable highways and the gangs and mobs, you will still have the challenge of getting to a safe location. It would be infinitely better for you to already be in your chosen safe haven when the crap hits the fan. Make the sacrifice to relocate now when we still have relative stability. Buy some property. Put in an infrastructure if possible. Start planting trees, berry bushes, and crops that can sustain you one day. It takes a lot of work to set up a viable retreat location, so start ASAP. Most importantly, get out of the major metro areas, away from high populations, and away from military bases and strategic military targets. The Intermountain West – Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and parts of surrounding states – is the prime location. Heartland America generally, from the Black Hills to the Ozarks, will be far safer than anywhere on the coasts or border areas. Stay rural. Live near and network with traditional, upright, patriotic folks with a survival mindset.

Next, begin to acquire survival skills. This includes things such as gardening, harvesting, sewing, hunting, butchering meat, canning food, preserving seeds, sprouting and making bread, starting fires, felling trees, small engine/machine repair, carpentry, first aid, shooting practice, HAM radio prowess, community networking, leadership, etc. There is a reason why Samuel Adams emphasized the need for experienced patriots who could step forward in a crisis and save our country. You can’t learn all of this overnight. Start today. 

Having a means of self-defense is also crucial. As with the specific types of food you should store, I leave it to you to decide. However, the AR platform is the standard. Have a small, concealable firearm, but also have something with more utility in a war. Whatever weapons you choose to place in your arsenal, you must train with them. It does no good to have a fancy new semi-automatic rifle if you have never fired rounds through it, practiced with it, and hefted it around in a training scenario. Firearms are Liberty’s teeth – let’s bear them proudly. 

Finally, and most importantly, you need God in your life. Just as guns are useless without training, all of the above is futile without a relationship with your Savior Jesus Christ. Atheists and irreligionists won’t save America. Yet, even non-Christians can still be a benefit to their fellow man by adhering to natural law principles, the precepts of universal morality, and the Golden Rule of conduct. However, the only true course of safety – particularly in this special land of covenant – is in following the Lord Jesus Christ. Develop discernment. Learn spiritual communication. And begin to heed the whisperings of the Spirit and conscience

In closing, let me bluntly say that an unprepared patriot is no patriot at all. How can you lecture anyone on the problems we face if you aren’t prepared to face them or, as a minimum, you aren’t actively working towards self-sufficiency and a state of preparedness? What kind of leader can you be if your family will starve within days of any major crisis or if you are stuck in a city with no escape plan? You must put your own house in order first before trying to cousel others.

Today is the day to prepare. You still have time. The nuclear bombs have not fallen yet. The dollar has not totally collapsed. Russian tanks have not yet rolled over the Polish border. The U.S. Constitution has not been formally thrown out. Americans have not yet been disarmed. But all of this is coming and we must prepare to thwart it, save our families, and put ourselves in a position to be leaders who can help reorganize, rebuild, and restore society after its engineered collapse. You may disregard these heartfelt warnings, but when it all comes true and your world crumbles around you, don’t pretend no one warned you.

Zack Strong,
August 18, 2022

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