Putin is Right: Sanctions Are an Act of War

The KGB despot in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, is correct when he says that sanctions are an act of war. Shipping arms into an active conflict zone is also an act of war violating any pretense to neutrality. Cutting off a nation from the international financial system is, again, an act of war. Why, then, don’t I support Putin’s invasion of Ukraine or back Russia? The answer is simple: Putin started that war and is the aggressor whose flagrantly immoral militarism initiated this cascading catastrophe. 

The fundamental problem with Putin’s grumbling about sanctions is that he is the one who started the war. His nation’s tanks are the ones on another nation’s soil. His cruise missiles are the ones hitting airports and apartment buildings. His soldiers are the ones advancing into and occupying foreign territory. His invasion is the one forcing a million refugees to flew into Western Europe for safety. He gave the orders and he bears the culpability. 

The besieged nation, Ukraine, never attacked Putin or his people. Ukraine didn’t annex part of Russia in 2014. Ukraine didn’t steal 5% of Russian territory, occupy it with mercenaries, and then use a phony referendum to claim it wanted to be detached from its mother country. Ukraine didn’t commit genocide, as Putin claimed just prior to invading. Ukraine is not a fictitious state created by the Soviet Union and therefore has no right to exist, as Putin also alleges. 

Furthermore, Ukraine is not under control of “Nazis” – the international Elites’ favorite bogeyman for the past ninety years. Putin isn’t going to “de-Nazify” anything. Putin is not “liberating” Ukraine or protecting Russian people – that was the lie Stalin told to justify his Poland land grab in 1939. Putin is a liar, a dictator, and a warmonger who ruthlessly oppresses his own people. How can one who oppresses his own people claim to be liberating a foreign land? 

Since Putin’s invasion, over 4,300 Russians have been arrested for protesting the war. As a result of these mass demonstrations against his militarism, Putin signed a law criminalizing “fake news” about the war and military – in other words, criminalizing dissent and free speech. I fully support a nation, in the midst of an existential conflict, clamping down on traitors who attempt to undermine the war effort. Nothing is more sensible to my mind. However, that’s not what’s happening here. This is the case of the aggressor nation suppressing the voice of its people and throwing them into the GULAG for daring to want peace with their brothers. 

For the crime of opposing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Russian citizens face up to fifteen years in prison. Vyacheslav Volodin of the Russian Duma has said the draconian law is designed to “protect our soldiers and officers, and to protect the truth.” It is a twisted individual who would seek to throw a man in prison for fifteen years for vocally opposing a tyrant’s unnecessary foreign war and claims he’s doing it to “protect the truth.” The law also states it exists for the purpose of “maintaining international peace and security.” That’s rich! George Orwell was correct when he observed that “intellectual honesty is a crime in any totalitarian country.” 

A deluge of potentially catastrophic consequences have come from Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. As noted, the West jumped into the fray with the harshest economic sanctions I’ve ever seen. In retaliation for these counterattacks, Putin has suspended fertilizer exports for a two-month period. Russia is the world’s biggest fertilizer exporter. Countries like Brazil and the United States, which rely heavily upon these exports, will suffer. 

As the idea was being proposed, I talked with a man from the prime coffee growing district in Colombia who told me the financial burden such a ban would impose. Innocent people in parts of the world that have nothing to do with the fighting will suffer because a KGB dictator decided to invade his neighbor in order to reconstitute the Soviet Empire. 

Wheat shortages and price hikes are also in our future as the “breadbasket of the world,” Ukraine, and to an extent Russia, is cut off from the global market. The shortages have already caused some nations to restrict exports. Hungary banned their exports entirely. In my Red Alert Newsletter at the end of December, I noted that China was hoarding unprecedented amounts of the world’s grain – over half by end of last year. An article produced in January noted grimly: “By mid-2022, China will hold 69% of the world’s corn reserves, 60% of its rice and 51% of its wheat, according to USDA predictions.” 

Some said COVID-1984 was the reason for Red Chinese hoarding. Now, it’s clear that they had foreknowledge of Russia’s invasion and wanted to stockpile supplies before the rush. It’s a cunning strategy to profit from disaster and gain more power over desperate nations. If you didn’t prepare and get all the wheat and other food stuffs you could beforehand, now it will be much harder and more expensive. Yet, you still have time. Prepare

Gas prices will also increase. If you drive a car, you’ll feel the pain. Prices were already jumping up and would have continued rising even without this war, but this had quickened the increase noticeably. Oil prices are racing past traditional levels to the highest they’ve ever been, with prominent banks warning of $200/barrel oil before the close of the year. 

Glenn Beck said it best when he observed: “We are weakening ourselves at the same time we’re weaking Putin. And really it is a race to see which one collapses first. . . . I’m telling you now, we’ve hit the iceberg. Get into the lifeboats. Get into the lifeboats.” 

Yes, the West shares blame in creating the energy crisis. Absolutely. The Marxist Elite were already engineering a total collapse before Putin pulled the trigger on Ukraine. But this gives both sides the pretext to expedite their moves in the direction of global cataclysm. The Hegelian Dialectic which both sides follow dictates that this crisis must happen. 

Problem, reaction, solution. Putin has followed the same scientific communist process to foment chaos in Ukraine, blame NATO and “Nazis,” and ride in on his white horse as precisely as the Western Elite have released bioweapons, blamed dissenters to tyranny for the spread of the disease, and introduced a more dangerous bioweapon in the form of a needle. 

If the Western faction of the global conspiracy perpetrates yet another false-flag attack, such as a cyberattack to take down our electrical grid, and blames it on Russia, it will have been Putin who handed them the plausible pretext for getting away with such a heinous act. Using reverse psychology, we’re also reaching a stage of chaos that would hand Russia and China the opportunity to carry out their long-planned takedown of the West and then say the West did it to scapegoat poor, picked-on Russia and China, knowing that certain people in the United States would parrot that lie just as they’re parroting the Kremlin’s talking points right now and blaming everything on Soros, NATO, and the West. 

People must wake up immediately to the fact that both sides are wrong, both sides are governed by wicked tyrants, and both sides are intentionally leading us down the road to serfdom. The string-pullers in Russia, China, and the U.S.-led bloc all adhere to the same ideological agenda, pursue roughly the same path toward world domination, often belong to offshoots of the Illuminati-communist conspiracy, and serve the same malevolent being who is the father of lies, terror, hate, oppression, and misery. 

To know that Russia is on the wrong side, it should suffice to say that Putin is a communist with nostalgia for the Soviet era. He’s admitted as much. His goals are the same now as during his KGB days. He was hand-selected and installed in power in the Russian Federation by Russia’s KGB-aligned oligarchs. Everything he knows and is was crafted by Soviet intelligence and the communist underworld. He’s their man, all his crafty rhetoric about being a so-called Christian and a family man aside. He’s neither. He’s an adulterous, murdering, KGB-trained dictator and one of the world’s most evil men. 

In closing, yes, sanctions are an act of war, but the first act of war was committed by Russia. Yes, shipping anti-tank weapons into a war zone is an act of hostility, but so is invading a sovereign nation on false pretenses. Yes, some Ukrainian leaders are corrupt, but so are Putin and his cronies. Yes, the West has dealings in Ukraine; are you so naïve to think Russia doesn’t? Finally, yes, the Western Elite, NATO, and the leadership of the United States are venomous vipers who want war and are glad Putin has taken their bait, but does that excuse the violent actions of a man who was trained by the KGB, assassinates dissidents, jails his political opposition, arrests anti-war protestors, invades his neighbors, and routinely threatens the world with nuclear war? Decide for yourself. As for me, I say Sic Semper Tyrannis! 

Zack Strong, 
March 8, 2022

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