Kent State False Flag

[T]he purpose of all this agitation at Kent State was to recruit as much cannon fodder as possible, and then to provoke a ‘major confrontation’. When it came, it would be neither accidental nor spontaneous.” – Alan Stang, Kent State: Proof to Save the Guardsmen, 1974.

On May Fourth, 1970, America was hit with a cruel false-flag attack – the so-called “Kent State Massacre.” The official story goes something like this: A group of peaceful, unarmed protesters were suddenly fired upon, in an unprovoked attack, by a group of evil National Guardsmen. The problem with this narrative is that it’s completely false. Below is a concise version of the real story behind the Kent State false flag.


First, what is a “false flag”? Wikipedia gives us this definition:

A false flag is a covert operation designed to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular party, group, or nation being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility.

The term “false flag” originally referred to pirate ships that flew flags of countries as a disguise to prevent their victims from fleeing or preparing for battle.”

I deem the Kent State event a false flag because it has been used to deceive people into thinking that the National Guard, and, by extension, the U.S. government, is responsible for the shooting. This event is held up as indicative of oppression and militarism. The Kent State fairy tale is hauled out every time someone wants to show how “inherently evil” the U.S. system of government supposedly is. In actual fact, communist agents were responsible for organizing the protests and provoking the shooting. Not only did they provoke it with words, they drew first blood!

In the documentary film No Place to Hide: The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism,” hosted by expert researcher G. Edward Griffin, the history of communist-sponsored terrorism is laid bare. The communists perfected the art of false-flag attacks and used them routinely across the globe. Indeed, the Soviets invented international terrorism and are the hidden hand behind most so-called “Islamic” terrorism today. This was once a commonly understood fact. Among the stories discussed in “No Place to Hide” is the Kent State false flag. Kent State was just one of many communist operations aimed at subverting America and poisoning public opinion against American anti-communist efforts.

Student Hurls Tear Gas Back

On May 1, 1970 – that is, May Day, the most significant communist holiday – indoctrinated university students at Kent State began a protest of America’s involvement in Vietnam. The protest was organized by a host of groups, including the Kent State Committee to End the War which was advised by Communist Party USA member Dr. Sidney Jackson. At least one student later told the FBI that a university professor threatened the students with failing grades if they did not participate in the demonstration. Other faculty members were known to have participated in the violence. A former student of Associate Professor Thomas Lough even reported that the subversive professor had passed out literature showing students how to make Molotov cocktails!

Contrary to the idealistic anti-war demonstration depicted in the controlled media, the Kent State protesters were rude, raucous, and violent. Over the course of four days, the protesters smashed windows, robbed a local jewelry store, publicly burned the American flag, started fires in the streets, and even burned down the ROTC building on campus.

When firemen arrived to put out the ROTC fire, the rabid protesters pelted them with rocks and slashed their fire hoses. Hash pipes were later found outside the ROTC building where 600 student rioters watched the fire in glee, heckling ROTC cadets and throwing objects at the building. A reporter named Terence Oblander was warned by an unidentified man in the crowd that he would be murdered if he took pictures of the event. The protesters later skirmished with police troopers when they arrived to protect the firemen, hitting them with bottles. The rioters were finally dispersed with tear gas.

The riot was so out-of-hand that the mayor of Kent declared a state of emergency and the Ohio National Guard was called in. When the National Guard arrived, they were cursed at and assaulted with bricks and chunks of wood containing nails. The protesters also threw feces on the Guardsmen. More than sixty Guardsmen and police were injured by the rioting protesters. This is what the media and uninformed commentators call a “peaceful” protest by “unarmed” people!

The reality is, as noted, that the mindless protesters were riled up and spurred on by dedicated communist revolutionaries. The communist agitation at Kent State actually began years earlier. In “No Place to Hide,” we find this commentary about the escalations leading up to May 4, 1970:

In 1970, Kent State had been the object of an intensive organizational drive on behalf of the Weathermen faction of the SDS. For over two years, a steady stream of professional revolutionaries appeared before student groups. Weatherman Bernadette Dohrn told them that there soon would be shooting on campus and admonished them to arm themselves for rebellion. Another speaker was Jerry Rubin, who said: “The first part of the Yippie program is to kill your parents. And, I mean that quite literally, because, until you’re prepared to kill your parents, you’re not ready to change this country.”

Kent State11

The SDS on campus had distributed copies of what it called the “Organizers’ Manual for the Spring Offensive.” The manual said: “Beginning with guerrilla theatre actions in dorms, we can escalate to disrupting classes, street marches, quick assaults on buildings, etc., before moving to the major confrontation of the struggle.”

In an SDS pamphlet distributed among students in April of 1969, we find this blunt statement of intent: “We’re no longer asking you to come to help us make a revolution. We’re telling you that the revolution has begun, and the only choice you have to make is which side you’re on.””

When these revolutionary escalations are taken into account, one might say that the Kent State shooting was a pre-planned event – a foregone conclusion in the minds of communist radicals. They wanted a violent confrontation that they could spin as evidence of America’s oppressive imperialism and “fascism.” They were not only prepared to initiate “guerrilla . . . actions” and conduct “assaults,” but to lose some of their dupes who could be made into martyrs for the communist cause.

The Kent State communists were clearly ready to commit violence. The above Jerry Rubin statement about murdering one’s parents was made in an inflammatory speech on April 10, 1970 – a mere three weeks before the violent rioting erupted. Rubin was a leader in the communist organization the Youth International Party (i.e. Yippies). A slightly larger excerpt from his Marxism-filled speech reads:

The most oppressed people in this country are not the blacks, not the poor, but the middle class. They don’t have anything to rise up against and fight against. We will have to invent new laws to break. . . . The first part of the Yippie program is to kill you parents. . . . Until you’re prepared to kill your parents, you’re not ready to change this country. Our parents are our first oppressors” (Penny Rimbaud, Last of the Hippies: An Hysterical Romance, 38).

Inventing grievances and concocting “oppression” is part and parcel of the communist strategy. They always seek to turn people into victims. If you can convince people they’re victims, they can be radicalized. If they believe “the man” is oppressing them, they can be encouraged to fight back. In this way, the Kent State protesters played into communist hands and were pawns in their deadly game.


Much of the agitation at Kent State was conducted by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) – a radical Marxist organization responsible for violence all across America. The SDS was linked to Soviet intelligence. It served as a cover for domestic terrorist operations. The infamous Weather Underground grew out of the SDS. It is the Weather Underground, you’ll recall, that was responsible for dozens of bombings. William Ayers was one of the founding members and served time in prison for his connection to a bombing in San Francisco that killed a police sergeant. The unrepentant Marxist Ayers later became a close advisor of Barack Obama. Obama, in fact, launched his campaign for the presidency at Ayers’ house in Chicago (unsurprisingly, Chicago is the headquarters of the Communist Party USA).

Focusing again on the Kent State false-flag provocation, over a thousand pages of FBI documents classified for several decades but finally released in 2010 show that the communist protesters were acting on orders. For instance, burning down the ROTC building was not a spontaneous event – protesters received an order from their communist bosses to torch it. A full day before the ROTC blaze, one riot leader on the ground was overheard telling another: “We just got the word. We’re going to burn the ROTC building.” They were also overheard discussing flares. Flares, Molotov cocktails, or gas-soaked rags, were alternatively reported as possible causes for the blaze.

FBI and police reports show that numerous non-student agitators were present and spent their time working the crowd into a frenzy. We know some of their names, including Thomas Foglesong and Jerry Rupe. It is known that at least two carloads of provocateurs from Illinois arrived at Kent State to fuel the flames of the riot. Some identified these outside agitators as members of the Weather Underground terrorist outfit. Perhaps it was these professional Marxist provocateurs who were seen coordinating the mobs with walkie-talkies. Or perhaps it was they who locked arms behind the herd of ignorant protesters and pushed them towards the National Guard’s position. Or maybe one of them was the rioter seen wearing a white shirt with the communist red fist and SDS logo at the burning ROTC building. Either way, Kent State was not an organic demonstration but a planned and coordinated riot.

Kent State6

As noted earlier, the rioters drew first blood. Not only did they hit firemen, police, and Guardsmen with bricks, bottles, and wood, but a sniper was known to be operating in coordination with the protesters. At least one full day before the shootings, reports were circulating of a sniper. One ROTC cadet in fact reported hearing three shots fired just before the Guardsmen began firing on May 4th. He said these shots were from a different caliber gun than the M-1 Garands used by the Guardsmen. The same cadet witnessed protesters with baseball bats and other weapons descending on the Guardsmen’s position before the fatal shootings. Others reported that some of the students were chanting “Kill! Kill!

Additionally, bullet holes were found in a tree and a statue. The shots had been fired from the direction of the protesters; that is, in the direction of the Guardsmen. It may have been only two or three shots, but at least two shots were fired at the National Guardsmen before they returned fire in self-defense, obliterating the entire narrative of hapless protesters attacked by savage military personnel.

Peace, Love, and Murdering Parents” perhaps would have been a more appropriate catchphrase for Kent State’s hippie protesters. A group of disaffected college students prepared to kill their own parents aren’t concerned about the well-being of National Guardsmen and law enforcement. Peace-loving flower children don’t carry baseball bats, rob jewelry stores, throw bags of feces on law enforcement, hurl bricks and razor-blade embedded wood at guards, burn down buildings, engage in rioting, or fire guns at people. And they certainly don’t link arms with, or take orders from, communists and known terrorist groups. So much for the “flower power” myth!

If you were one of those who, until this moment, believed the narrative that peaceful protesters were indiscriminately murdered by vicious Guardsmen at Kent State in 1970, you may redeem yourself by sharing this article. Thomas Jefferson said that “no nation is permitted to live in ignorance with impunity” (Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Board of Visitors Minutes, 1821). The longer we coddle our favorite myths, the harder it will be to extricate ourselves from the deep pit we’ve dug ourselves into. Don’t give in any longer to sensationalism; rather, learn the facts and draw the logical conclusions.


We are overdue for a new great awakening. It’s long past time we acknowledged the communist cancer that gnaws on our vitals. It’s time, dear reader, to admit that communists are the mortal enemies of every Liberty-loving American. It’s time to declare that communists have no place in America and that their vile dogmas are anathema to Americanism, constitutionalism, and Christianity. It’s time to rally behind the standard of truth and bring the real culprits of the Kent State false flag to justice.

Zack Strong,

May 4, 2020

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