Open Challenge to Feminists

I issue a challenge to all feminists and feminist sympathizers: name one right – just one – that women do not have that men do. Please, make sure you know the difference between a right and a privilege before you respond. There is a massive difference between the two, and understanding that difference is fundamental. I repeat the challenge: name just one right – one single right – that men have, that women do not.

With all the screeching that immature feminists do, and with all the rioting that disgusting, scantily clad, foulmouthed, unhinged, self-centered feminists do in our streets, you would think that America today maintains a system of institutional female slavery and oppression. With such vociferous cries made by feminists of “oppression” at the hands of the “patriarchy,” it should be easy as pie for feminists to name just one right they don’t have that men do.

Perhaps this article is more rhetorical than serious – because no honest person believes the ludicrous myth that men have more rights than women. The fact of the matter is that women possess each and every right that men possess. If anything, men get the short end of the stick in everything from unfair treatment in a female-led education system, to our horrendous treatment in the courts, to slanted portrayals of men by Hollywood and the media. But these are tangential to our present topic. We are here discussing rights – good ol’ fashioned God-given, unalienable rights.

What follows is a list of rights that both men and women enjoy in equal measure under the law, followed by my commentary on each point.

The right to life. Though many women deny the right of life to their unborn offspring, they themselves enjoy this right just as men do. In fact, in no other way do feminists label themselves hypocrites more thoroughly then in demanding “equal rights,” while simultaneously demanding the privilege to violate a defenseless child’s right to life. Despite this injustice, women have as much right to live as men do.

The right to own property. Any female in the United States has a right to own her own property – whether that be in the form of a home, a car, an iPhone, or what have you. Whereas Liberty cannot exist without private property, it can be argued, quite effectively, that the simple fact that women can own property is evidence enough that they are as free as men.

The right to pursue one’s dreams. While I strongly believe it is not only unwise and misguided, but, sinful, when unnecessary, for women to work outside of the home while there are children to be raised, it is nonetheless true that women can go into any field or profession they choose. They have a right to work, as men do. This is not denied a single woman. From store clerks to CEOs to lawyers to politicians, women employees are found in every walk of life. God forbid we ever have a woman president, but, be that as it may, women have every right to submit their candidacy for the highest offices in the land – as the near election of Hillary Clinton in 2016 abundantly demonstrated.

Continuing this point regarding work, let me state that I believe it is a travesty that our nation allows women to join the military. No civilized nation in history has ever sent its women to war. It is a barbarous, monstrous practice. Only a cowardly, degenerate, feminized nation allows its mothers and daughters and sisters to don uniforms, shoulder weapons, and fight their nation’s battles. What a black mark on society that our women are permitted to endure the degrading life of a soldier! And, with over 1/3 of all women in uniform getting raped or otherwise sexually assaulted during their terms of service, no gentleman would ever want to thrust women into that melee of heartbreak and suffering. Yet, my firm feelings notwithstanding, women are, unfortunately, not denied the opportunity to join the armed services if they desire. Indeed, the military has bent over backwards to accommodate women, even to the point of lowering its once high physical standards.

The right to worship God as one wishes. Despite the growing discrimination against Christians, women, just like men, are allowed to belong to, and even found and lead, any church they wish. No woman in America is denied the right to be a Muslim, Christian, Jew, atheist, or any other religious practitioner. And though I personally believe Satanism and all other forms of occult religion should be legally banned, a disturbing fact is that Wicca – a predominately female religion – is the fastest growing religion in America and Britain. No rights of worship are denied to women in the United States.

The right of association and discrimination. Humans have a right to associate with whomever they choose. They also have a right to discriminate against anyone they choose. We’ve all seen the signs hanging in store windows that read: “We reserve the right to deny anyone service.” This is the right of discrimination, or association, in action. What woman is denied this right? Women are allowed to associate with whomever they choose. The fact that feminists are freely allowed to meet, congregate, associate, march in parades, protest speakers on college campuses, etc., is abundant proof that there is no male-led conspiracy to hold women down. Indeed, the right of discrimination is often violated by the government, and employers are forced to hire women and minorities against their will under the banner of “equality” and “fairness.” So not only is this right fully accorded women, but it is often enforced on their behalf at the point of the sword.

The right of free speech and expression. The fact that feminist propaganda clutters the web is enough proof that women have an equal right to say what they want, when they want. Indeed, I contend that women enjoy this right in greater abundance than men do. Consider this common example: A man tells a woman she’s fat, and society loses its mind and denounces the man as misogynistic; a woman tells a man he is fat, and no one cares and it goes ignored. There is an inherent double standard in what men and women are allowed to say – and women, it must be admitted, can get away with saying things that men generally cannot get away with. By the same token, certain behaviors that would brand men as “creepy,” are considered cute for women.

The right to marry. Every man and woman is perfectly free to marry a member of the opposite sex. This right is denied to no one. But what about those suffering from homosexual attraction? Don’t they have a right to marry, too? Let’s briefly discuss this hot button issue.

Let it be acknowledged that marriage is a divine, sacred institution. The institution of marriage, being established by God when He personally performed the marriage for Adam and Eve, is subject to God’s rules in regulating it. Man has no say in the matter, and does not get a vote regarding the definition of marriage. Deity has decreed that marriage is between a man and a woman. Period. End of story. End of debate. Until very recently, under the relentless anti-family barrage initiated by the communists and their ilk, the generality of mankind acknowledged that marriage was of God, and constituted a religious rite.

Homosexuality is not just another life choice – it is a Devilish perversion, a violation of God’s laws regulating marriage, and a symptom of mental or spiritual illness. That being said, I am personally against any government involvement in marriage. What gives government the right to set the rules regarding marriage? Let it be, as it once was, the purview of the churches. And if churches blaspheme by wedding those suffering from homosexual attraction, or those with bizarre matrimonial ideas, then God’s wrath will fall upon society. No regulation or law can prevent this if the People choose darkness over light.

As it is in 21st Century America, heterosexuals have every right to marry, and women certainly are not restricted. Unfortunately, the age-old perversion of homosexuality is also being institutionalized by the anti-Christ courts, and ratified by an increasingly wicked, depraved, and ignorant public.

One further point regarding marriage. Women have the right, if it can be called that, of divorcing their spouses. They exercise this prerogative at an alarming rate, in fact. 80% of divorces are initiated by women. I personally abhor the practice of no-fault divorce, and I wish it was outlawed. No-fault divorce was a communist invention first institutionalized in communist Russia shortly after the Bolshevik coup. If any one thing has wrecked America, it is the ungodly plague of divorce. Except in cases of legitimate abuse or infidelity, I see no justification in divorce. No-fault divorce is nothing but selfishness. With that said, women can legally divorce their husbands as readily as men can (in fact, it is easier for a woman in most cases than it is for a man, and the “justice” system demonstrably favors women in divorce settlements – you sure don’t see feminists protest this inequality).

The right to self-defense. Women not only have an equal right to keep and bear arms, and to use them in self-defense, but they are purchasing firearms at an ever-increasing rate. I applaud this trend. When I read stories of beautiful European women being raped, sometimes savagely, by large groups of so-called “refugees,” I feel both sadness and rage. I feel righteous indignation against anyone – man or woman – who rapes another person, and I wish them speedy capital punishment. Rapists forfeit their right to life. But apart from anger, I also feel profound sadness when I realize that so many, if not the majority, of these cases could be have been prevented if these women were allowed to own firearms. As it is, socialist Europe seems content with their slavery; and if the current crisis doesn’t wake them up and stir in their hearts the desire for Liberty from the tyranny they suffer under, nothing will.

The right to trial by jury. Women, clearly, enjoy the right to a trial by jury, just as men do. Tragically, both men and women are increasingly being denied jury trials by corrupt judges, but this is in no way gender specific. Indeed, all the rights regarding lawful searches and seizures, self-incrimination, etc., are equally enjoyed by (and in many cases denied to) both sexes.

The right of movement. Men and women are not bound to a community, state, or even a nation. Each is free to travel as they wish, and live wherever they choose. No man or woman in America is denied this fundamental right.

The right to vote? I personally dispute whether voting is a right. I believe it is more of a privilege that only contributing citizens should be allowed. But inasmuch as people most often use the term “right to vote,” let me point out that women enjoy this “right” every bit as much as men do. It is unfortunate, however, that women have collectively voted socialist ever since gaining the “right” to vote. Think of it – tyrants and despots such as FDR, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama would not have ascended to the presidency had it not been for the female vote. My criticism is not leveled exclusively at women, however. The majority of Americans have been hoodwinked into voting Republican or Democrat, thus allowing themselves to be pigeonholed into a vote for the lesser of two evils. But back to our present topic – women have just as much of a “right” as men to do vote away their Freedom in rigged elections.

We could continue to list rights, but the above should suffice to show that women enjoy the same stature that men do in the eyes of the law.

Now let me briefly list several things that are not rights, but which feminists nonetheless cry about.

Birth control is not a right. No one owes you birth control. You are not entitled to birth control. Indeed, according to my religious beliefs regarding the purpose of marriage and the purpose of life in general, birth control is a damnable practice that frustrates Heavenly Father’s plan for our eternal happiness. But at any rate, it is certainly not a right, and not one cent of public money should ever go to provide contraception to irresponsible people who seemingly can’t control their urges, and who don’t respect the Lord’s law of chastity. By the same token, healthcare is not a right – no one should be forced to take care of you. Taking money from one person and giving it to another person is theft. Let’s not submit to wealth redistribution for any purposes, let alone for immoral ones.

Education is not a right. Have you ever read Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto? If not, you may be surprised to find that instituting government-controlled public education was one of the chief communist goals. Communists and their fellow travelers have managed to convince Americans that education is a right, and that it should be funded by the government (i.e. by tax payers). Think logically for one moment. If the government pays for, or subsidizes, public schooling, they then have a right to dictate school policy and curriculum. Do we seriously want the government dictating what our kids should learn? No thinking person wants that.

Furthermore, women dominate the education field – so what do they have to complain about? They are in no way slighted in public schools, nor at the university level. Indeed, feminists thrive on college campuses. It is men and boys who have legitimate bones to pick with an education system geared toward teaching women, and which is inherently biased against men and male styles of learning and development.

Getting a paycheck is not a right. Our materialistic, entitled, selfish culture seems to think that it is owed a living. No one owes you anything, and society certainly don’t owe you money. Minimum wage, for instance, is yet another hollow promise promoted by socialists and people who don’t understand economics. It is economics 101 that if you force an employer to pay his employees higher wages, he will be forced to 1) either fire a certain number of workers in order to pay the increased salaries, or 2) close up shop (thus laying off all of his workers in the process). Nothing stifles an economy more than government dictated wage controls, such as minimum wage laws.

While we are on this topic, let’s clear up a prevalent myth. Women do earn equal pay for equal work. It is a blatant lie to say women earn only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. This is preposterous, and only the most gullible believe it. It is also illegal for employers to pay women less than men. While there may be a rogue employer here or there who attempts to pay women less, it is certainly not a widespread problem, nor is it institutionalized. By law, employers must pay men and women equally for the same work. And I personally have never worked at a job where women were paid less, nor do I personally know any women who have been paid less than their male counterparts.

Let’s explain this further. It is true that, collectively, women earn less than men. But why is this? The answer is simple: women work less. Fewer women work than men. The women who do work, work fewer hours and take more time off. And women, on average, choose lower paying jobs, such as elementary school teachers, while men often take high risk jobs that pay better. So, when all of this is factored in, men, collectively, earn more than women. However, on an individual basis, a woman earns the same salary a man does for the same work. That’s a fact, and only the uninformed or willful liars attempt to say otherwise.

As with our list of rights, our list of things that are not rights could go on indefinitely. But time prevents me from further pointing out feminist hypocrisy and idiocy.

Ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to God-given rights, men and women are on the same footing. In God’s eyes, and in the eyes of the law, men and women are equal (and, indeed, women often fare better than men). In all other ways, however, men and women are unequal. There is nothing wrong with that. It is natural and right. Some people are tall, some are short; one person is musically gifted, whereas another could not sing a note in key to save his life; one person can write well, while another is illiterate; one person has certain innate desires, and someone else has different tastes. Is there injustice in any of this inequality? No. So, too, is there no injustice in the differences between men and women.

Men and women are different. We were assigned different roles by our Creator. Even those who deny the existence of their Heavenly Father are forced to admit that, biologically and anatomically, men and women are different, and they necessarily have differing roles. Men physically cannot bear children; but women can. Who, then, has nature dictated should be primarily responsible for raising and nurturing children? Obviously, women. Men are, on average, faster and stronger and have greater stamina and ruggedness than women. Who, then, does nature want defending families, communities, and nations? Men.

The list of divinely appointed, nature-approved, gender roles could go on and on. The fact is, men and women are unique. In God’s wisdom, we were made that way so that we can complement and support each other. Yet, our differences do not make us unequal in value. We are perfectly equal in God’s eyes. And, thank the Lord, the American system is one of institutionalized equality. Men and women are free and equal in all pertinent respects – each of us possesses all the rights that the other possesses.

I end the way I began. I challenge the feminists to name one – just one – right that men have that women do not. If you cannot do so, then please, cease to spread your discontent. Feminism is a disease. And unless we quarantine the virus, it will spread and infect everyone and everything. Let’s begin by quarantining and eradicating the lie that men have more rights than women. With this senseless talking point eliminated, and the equality of men and women acknowledged by all, we will be that much closer to rooting out feminism and restoring sanity to our waning Republic.

Zack Strong

June 5, 2017.

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