Defend the Family

1950s-family-300x297 The family is the foundational building block of every society. To use an analogy that my Dad taught me, families are like cells in a body. When enough cells become damaged or die, the body deteriorates and eventually dies. In this analogy, society is the body. It can be said, then, that when enough families weaken, society collapses. Not only is this a clever analogy, but it is a truthful one – the preservation of our society depends upon the preservation of the traditional family unit.

Apart from a nation’s faith in God, nothing is more important than its families. If memory serves, I once saw a monument in Salt Lake City, Utah with the inscription: “No nation rises above its homes.” A truer statement has never been etched in stone. It is in the home that habits are formed and faith is instilled, whether for good or ill. It is in the home that personality and outlook are shaped. It is in the home that boys and girls are taught how to behave as men and women. It is in the home that respect for others is fostered, and where people skills are acquired. It is in the home that good citizens, or poor ones, are created. And it is in the home that future mothers and fathers are bred. In short, the home has the largest potential impact of any setting, institution, or organization in the world.

It should be no surprise, then, that no other institution of society suffers from the same withering attacks that marriage and family endure on an hourly basis. The powers-that-be that wish to tear down and reshape society in their own image have a vested interest in eliminating the influence of the home. If children are taught right at home, tyranny can never come to a nation. If true religion is kindled in the hearts of youngsters by their parents, no anti-Christ can ever sway them from the path. But if you weaken the family, create wedges between spouses, pry children away from their parents, and deemphasize the home in favor of the collective society, you minimize the potential influence of the home, and prime a nation for subversion.

It is for this purpose, that the news, movies, literature, music, social media, and popular culture, denigrate and mock the traditional family unit. The fact that the average young person now joins in this mocking, whether by overt participation or by complicit silence, is evidence of how terrifyingly successful the cultural subversion of our society has been.

Among other marks of our society’s decay, one of the most telling is that marriage is considered passé, and fewer people than ever before are bothering to marry. The feminists believe marriage is a repressive institution invented to enslave women, and men, as a backlash to the myriad horrors of feminism, have created entire movements (such as Men Going Their Own Way) devoted to avoiding marriage while still enjoying the conjugality traditionally reserved for wedded couples. Yes, both men and women, it seems, think the Ten Commandments are the Ten Suggestions, and therefore discount the prohibition on fornication and adultery. Society has inverted the commandments, and nothing is sacred.

Furthermore, the “patriarchy” is considered an organ of male oppression, and men are constantly depicted as weak, stupid, and incompetent. Women are similarly debased. While on the one hand, feminists portray women as goddesses on earth, the feminist way of life has so unfitted women for motherhood that it has ensured that a woman’s worth is intertwined with her sexuality. Boys are also being feminized by our culture, and women are being prodded into manly activities and pastimes. Under the guise of “equality,” feminism has taught women to adopt the worst characteristics of men, and to abandon traditional female duties and behaviors. By the same token, men are encouraged to “express their emotions,” and “get in touch with their feminine side,” which is code for giving up their masculinity (or, as a feminist would say, their “toxic masculinity”).

Gender has become irrelevant and meaningless, and traditional gender roles are considered repressive or, at best, archaic. Among the accepted genders, are non-binary, cis, bigender, transgender, intersex, two-spirit, androgynous, transgender male, transgender female, transgender person, etc. Talk about contradictions, confusion, and delusion! For people who claim to be so “enlightened,” and to love science so much, they are the most unscientific bunch on the planet. They deny basic biology, and think God, or perhaps Darwin, must have made a mistake. They say they are “born that way,” while also saying that you can change genders any time you want. It’s a matter of choice, but it’s out of your control. It’s fixed, but it’s not. Which is it? Are you born that way, or is your gender optional? As any person with logic can readily see, truth and reality have no bearing on our emotion-based society.

Nowhere is the collapse of society more visible than in our attitudes towards sex. Sexuality, once a gift of God given for the dual purpose of procreation and strengthening the bond between spouses, has been reduced to a base urge, and a conversation starter. Sexuality is seen as “fluid,” and if a woman wants to sleep with another woman, or with six men, why not? If you dare object, you are maligned by Social Justice Warriors who hurl every horrid oath in your face – and all in the name of tolerance.

Similarly, anyone who believes that sex should be between married couples, is scoffed at and reviled. Not only is pre-marital sex accepted, but it is heralded on TV, in the movies, in books, and online, as normal and right. All one has to do to verify the truth of that statement is to observe the wild popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey smut novel and film, or the almost universal usage of pornography.

I will never forget seeing a poster featuring a beautiful female model and a masculine stud. The caption read: “Life’s short; get a divorce.” The implication, of course, was, “Why waste your time being married when you can sleep with all the men or women you want?” Our culture has deified sex. If sex is their god, then Americans are the most religious people on earth. And, what’s more, they’re proud of their loose morals, and want the entire world to know.

Public schools, through their vile Sex ED programs, help indoctrinate children with the thought that, because sex is normal (which it is), it’s ok to experiment. Sex ED instructors have been caught giving out condoms, having small children practice fellatio on fruit and vegetables, demonstrating the proper use of sex toys in front of their class, and a host of other things I won’t go into here. Intimacy has been debased and is, in a seeming contradiction, considered clinical on the one hand, and the pinnacle of life on the other. Whatever it is considered, it is no longer held as the sacred purview of married couples.

A special target of the anti-family barrage is children. Children are constantly told to disobey their old, out-of-touch parents, while simultaneously being directed to sit down, shut up, and obey the government. The state is essentially replacing parents, and media personalities are decrying the notion of “private” children. A strong push is being made to outlaw homeschooling, and to force children into the hands of the state. In Britain, children are now assigned a government counselor to supervise them. Numerous entities in America would love nothing more than to institute the same program here. In a word, parents are being shunted to the side, while the state is taking their place.

Parents are likewise being told that children are a burden. In the first place, the media constantly parrots the overpopulation myth, and encourages parents to have fewer children. To save the environment, we must reduce the population – or so they say. In truth, the world has more than enough resources to feed, house, and clothe everyone. Cities are overcrowded, yes, but the earth is not overpopulated. It is the greed in human hearts that prevents everyone from having sufficient for their needs.

In conjunction with this effort to reduce the population, feminism has hoodwinked women into having fewer children, and staying at home with them less. Feminists have spread the false propaganda that motherhood is drudgery, that homemaking is unpaid labor, and that a career is the best option for a woman’s fulfillment. Flattered with terms like “equality” and “independence,” women have largely forsaken their responsibilities, and have put off marriage and family, opting instead for the grind of the workplace and sexual liberty.

Yes, feminism has created a generation of selfish women who no longer want to be burdened with children or homemaking duties. Sad it is that mothers rarely stay at home these days, and are little more than glorified babysitters, while public school teachers and daycare workers take on the leading parental role. And in return, what do women get? Nothing. Nothing, that is, except a sense of emptiness and bitterness, which are the natural consequences of shirking one’s divine role – a role that is critical to the successful function of the family, and society.

As we can see, the family is under attack, and its traditional influence is being severely undermined. Those of us who stand up in defense of the familial pattern established by God are called old-fashioned, bigoted, homophobic, prudish, intolerant, hateful, oppressive, discriminatory, and so on. To the Luciferian cabal that is vying for complete supremacy of our world, the traditional family is public enemy #1.

If we wish to thwart the machinations of the Satanic forces that hate us and want to destroy our marriages, families, and nations, there is only one course of action: we must turn to God and build up the home. We must defend the family. We must not sit silently or apathetically as the moral foundation of our Republic crumbles. Silence in the face of sin is complicity. We must, rather, be vocal challengers of the homosexual agenda, the feminist movement, transgenderism, and every other perverse philosophy that promotes sex outside of marriage, the blurring of gender roles, the undermining of a father’s authority, the sabotaging of motherhood, the easiness of divorce, or anything that debases mankind and contradicts God’s revealed will.

If we continue to remain silent, we will lose what’s left of our society. If we don’t act now, our families will crumble to pieces. If we don’t work to bolster our marriages, they will fail. If we don’t raise our children right, they will be indoctrinated by the world. And, if we don’t speak up, who will?

Let us forever champion the traditional family. Let us declare that marriage is between male and female, that it is a sacred institution ordained of God, and that it is the most important relationship in eternity. May God bless us to have strong homes, vibrant marriages, and families that will endure in love and friendship. And may we, with God’s help, successfully repel the forces of darkness that are eating away at the foundation of our Freedom, our prosperity, and our peace; namely, the family unit.

Zack Strong

June 1, 2017

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