Republicans and Democrats – Two Sides of the Same Counterfeit Coin

If you have not realized it by now, let me fill you in on a secret: There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties. That’s right, the Republican and Democratic Parties are two sides of the same counterfeit coin. There is zero substantive difference between the two organizations. Their principles are nearly identical and they both support the same basic agenda. Their rhetoric often varies during election years or when they are trying to hoodwink the public into accepting yet another unconstitutional hunk of legislation or yet another illegal and immoral war. However, in crunch time, the Republicans and Democrats lock arms and unite to push an agenda that is entirely antithetical to the Constitution, to our national wellbeing, and to our precious, God-given Freedom.

The time is long past for the American People to wake up and admit they have been routinely lied to by their elected representatives – both Republican and Democrat. The time is past for you to realize that the Republican-Democrat leviathan does not have your best interests at heart and that it has relentlessly waged war against your God-given rights over the course of several generations.


Since the despotic presidency of Martin Van Buren, the American political system has been thoroughly corrupt. This corruption was kicked into overdrive with the advent of Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party. Few men in our history have mutilated the Constitution as horribly as did President Lincoln during his bloody invasion and occupation of the Southern States. Lincoln suspended essential portions of the Constitution, centralized the federal government, and consolidated massive power in Washington, D.C. In the process, the states – states which had created the federal government in the first place – lost their power and purpose. From that time to the present, the federal government has continued to grow and overstep its constitutional boundaries and enumerated powers, thus violating the original compact between the states.

The Republican and Democratic Parties share an equal portion of the blame for this egregious power grab and for the usurpation of political power and authority from the American People to whom it rightfully belongs. From Lincoln’s centralizing, to Woodrow Wilson’s ushering in of the Federal Reserve system, IRS, and income tax, to FDR’s New Deal fraud and his removal of the country from the gold standard, to LBJ’s Great Society, to Reagan’s, Bush Sr.’s, Clinton’s, George W. Bush’s, Obama’s, and Trump’s illegal Middle Eastern Wars, to Obama’s health care behemoth, Republicans and Democrats have always teamed up to obliterate the Constitution, terrorize the world through militarism, and convert the United States into a communistic banana republic.


It is mindboggling that the average American cannot see that the abuses we suffer are perpetrated by the agents of both parties (and that they, in turn, serve other masters who hide from public view). Let us list several examples of how nothing changes, regardless of which party is ostensibly at the helm.

The truth is that under both Republicans and Democrats, taxes increase, spending increases, and debt increases.

Under both Republican and Democratic rule, American wealth is redistributed abroad under the name of “foreign aid” where it often finds its way into the pockets of our nation’s enemies.

Under both Republicans and Democrats, failing businesses and corporations are bailed out with taxpayer money.

Under both Republican and Democratic administration, the United States sells her sovereignty to international organizations like the United Nations, NATO, and SEATO.

Under both Republicans and Democrats, entangling treaties and alliances are signed, further limiting American diplomatic mobility, poisoning our sense of fairness and critical judgment, and increasing our chances of being dragged into more unnecessary wars.

Under both Republicans and Democrats, Islamic bogeymen are conjured up, false flag attacks are perpetrated as pretexts for aggression and conquest, and our troops march off to die in undeclared wars in the blistering deserts of the Middle East.

Under both Republican and Democratic rule, nations which have never harmed us are sanctioned, embargoed, invaded, or attacked, and innocent people are bombed and murdered by our out-of-control military.

Under both Republican and Democratic supervision, the veterans who manage to cope with the horror of the awful things they are commanded to do without committing suicide, are systematically abused, demeaned, and singled out as threats by our government.

Both Republican and Democratic regimes bow before the altar of the terrorist state of Israel and follow her lead in the immoral “War on Terror” – a war which threatens to engulf Iran without cause or justification.

In the name of “national security,” both Republicans and Democrats eviscerate our constitutionally-protected right to privacy by spying on us and harassing us at airports and unconstitutional highway “checkpoints.”

Under both Republicans and Democrats, Americans have lost numerous rights and have been subjected to a multitude of oppressive and restrictive regulations, statutes, and laws.

Both Republicans and Democrats have lied under oath, broken their solemn oaths of office, violated the Constitution in innumerable ways, and committed impeachable and treasonable offenses, crimes, and misdemeanors.

Throughout 45 years of Republican and Democrat rule, the Supreme Court-sanctioned slaughter of innocent babies has continued unabated, with the tragic death toll now towering over 70 million.

Under both Republican and Democratic management, public schools have been systematically swept clean of Christian influence and have, consequently, produced multiple generations of dumbed down people with a soft spot for socialism and a collectively low moral acumen.

Under both Republicans and Democrats, state after state accepted homosexual marriage, until, finally, the Supreme Court voted against reason, experience, and moral law to allow homosexual unions nationwide.

Under both Republican and Democratic administration, the insidious influence of pornography, alcohol, and drugs has spread until now this filth infects every city and small town in the nation, sapping the strength, morality, and motivation out of tens of millions of Americans.

And, finally, lacking essential moral leadership by either Republicans or Democrats, America’s culture – most crucially the institution of the family – has deteriorated and decayed, and more Americans are abandoning Christianity and traditional values than ever before.

Ladies and gentlemen, the men we have elected to administer the Constitution in defense of our rights are instead leading us to total ruin. We are bankrupt – both morally and fiscally. Our culture is decadent and godless. Corruption is everywhere. Lying and backbiting is commonplace. Deception is the rule. We have allowed ourselves to be divided along racial, political, gender, religious, and economic lines. We have been stirred up to anger over petty things. Instead of uniting against the ruthless international cabal which our leaders serve, we are at each other’s throats and verging on civil war and mobocracy. All the while our leaders – both Republican and Democrat – laugh as they lord over us.


It is time we cease supporting such corruption. We can easily withdraw our support for this fraudulent system by not voting Republican or Democrat. Reject them both and stand on principle. It is just that simple.

The historical record is clear: Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have failed America. They have failed the Constitution. They have failed the Founding Fathers. They have failed to foster the vision of America as a shining city on a hill. They have failed you and they have failed me.

Neither party will serve you or fight for your interests. Both parties will throw you and this once great nation under the bus at the first opportunity. It is time you abandoned them and rejected their pleas for your dollars and your votes. If you are fed up with the way Washington, D.C. has rode roughshod over you all these years, then show it by withdrawing your support from the Republican-Democratic monstrosity the next time you go to the ballot box.

Don’t just talk; act. Don’t be a coward; stand firm in the cause of Liberty like your forefathers did. Dare to step out of the line and be counted, even if it is unpopular or politically incorrect. Dare to do what is right no matter the consequences.

Any American who slavishly supports either major party is hindering our Republic’s progress. If you are one of them, I invite you and urge you to wake up. Realize that it doesn’t matter one iota which party wields power – nothing ever changes. Realize that for all their bluster and talk on the campaign trail, Republicans and Democrats betray you as soon as they win the election. Realize that the Republicans and Democrats are funded by the same international cabal of gangsters. Realize every Republican and every Democratic president surrounds himself with anti-American agents – members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), rabid Zionists, Rothschild henchmen, Goldman Sachs lackeys, neo-conservative warmongers, international bankers, and others of their ilk. Realize that Republicans and Democrats have an incestuous relationship and will always defend one another. Realize that the Republican-Democrat Establishment combines to crush any legitimate third party or independent candidate who opposes their monopoly on political power and offers the American People an alternative.

These Republican and Democrat traitors view themselves as an elite class, and fancy themselves our rulers and masters. Are they your masters? Perhaps they are if you continue to vote for them every two, four, and six years no matter how many oaths they break, no matter how many promises they fail to keep, and no matter how many times they betray your hopes and interests. Like an abused wife who mindlessly defends her abusive husband, the American People too often become angry when any outsider tells them they are laboring to support a parasitical class of elitists who do nothing but lie, steal, and work for our destruction. Yet, that is the unsullied truth.


In conclusion, I ask you two questions. First, how much do you love and cherish your God-given rights? And second, if you truly love them, then what are you willing to do and sacrifice to defend them against all enemies, foreign and domestic? If you continue to vote Republican or Democrat, you have only yourself to blame for the continued decline and destruction of this nation. If you continue to vote Republican or Democrat, I question whether you really do love your rights and whether you understand what Liberty is and what it requires to safeguard. If you continue to vote Republican and Democrat after knowing how thoroughly and routinely both sides have abused you, destroyed the Constitution, and betrayed the Republic, shame on you.

I personally want no companionship with such cowards who would sell their birthright for a mess or red or blue pottage. I want no companionship with those who sell out their principles for political expediency. I seek no alliance with those who crawl back to the corrupt Republicans and Democrats year after year because they think third party candidates are “unelectable” or “can’t win.” I want nothing to do with those who see in terms of right and left when we should instead see in terms of right and wrong. If you are a real American, have the courage to do what is right, reject the institutionalized party corruption, and join the cause of Liberty.

I end with a piercing statement from a great man and a truly authentic patriot. As you read it, consider the words in terms of the American People’s fight against the Republican-Democratic Establishment and the international clique whose bidding it does:

“Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss . . . Let us not deceive ourselves. . . .

“They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? . . . There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! . . . .

“Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace – but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! . . . Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” (Patrick Henry, speech, March 23, 1775).

Zack Strong

January 9, 2018.

4 thoughts on “Republicans and Democrats – Two Sides of the Same Counterfeit Coin

  1. I can agree with some of this. Since the military’s job seems to be to protect America’s wealth then let the cost of the military be borne by each citizen according to their portion of America’s wealth that they possess. If someone has 5% of the wealth of the country then let them pay 5% of the cost.

    As for a belief in a god there are too many facts that contradict that position for me to be a believer but I don’t care what others believe as long as they don’t try to force it onto others.


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  3. the Kenites rule the world, Sons of Cain, Satans literal flesh and blood children. They do YHVH’s work and we are to leave them alone. Educate yourself and learn who these people are and you will understand why the world is on the path that it is. It’s all written in the Scriptures. Do not be deceived by satan the antichrist, he will arrive BEFORE the return of Our True YESHUA- JESUS CHRIST . Satan arrives at 666, YESHUA returns at 777. The 7th seal , 7th, trump, 7th vial. ” As I say unto thee I say unto all WATCH “


    • You’re much mistaken if you believe a disembodied spirit like Lucifer has the power to create flesh and blood children. He doesn’t. It’s one of the greatest aspects of his damnation. Satan’s minions also don’t do the Lord’s work. Yes, He uses their pride and arrogance against them, and often lets the horrors they unleash work to accomplish His ends, but they’re not on His side and He doesn’t set them to their destructive tasks. He would much rather they repent and follow Him. That said, I agree that the Satanic conspiracy is all spelled out plainly in scripture. That’s why I’ve written numerous articles and books on the topic. My second book in particular, “Red Gadiantons: What the Prophets Have Taught about the Communist Secret Combination that Threatens Mankind,” focuses on this conspiracy. Watch, indeed. The end is near and the Bridegroom cometh.


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