Analysis of Trump’s UN Speech

Hello, friends! Please excuse my absence and lack of posts over the past two months. I spent the last couple of weeks of August in Panama visiting a dear friend, and have been swamped so far this month. I’m happy to be back writing articles.

Yesterday, I finally had the time to watch President Trump’s recent speech delivered at the United Nations. Frankly, I think it was one of the worst speeches I’ve ever heard an American president give. I’ve devoted this article to detailing the reasons why I dislike the president’s speech, as well as mentioning the few good things it contained. Unlike my past articles, this will be more conversational inasmuch as I wrote it quickly as I was listening to the speech. Enjoy!

1. In his speech, President Trump claimed that “we have more people working in the United States than ever before.” This is a bald-faced lie. We have nearly 100 million people on the government dole – 50% whom which receive 100% of their subsistence from the government (i.e. from other taxpayers).

2. Trump announced the massive buildup of the military. This isn’t a good thing, folks. This will only ensure that the conspiracy continues to use our men to subjugate nations, overthrow governments, and repress the world. And, eventually, that same massive military will be used to subjugate the people of America. Mark it down.

3. Trump lashed out against the “rogue nations” at the UN who support terrorism, yet he conspicuously forgot to mention that the United States is perhaps the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, that the United States (with the help of Britain and Israel, and with earlier training by the Soviets) brought Al Qaeda and ISIS into existence to justify their bogus “war on terror.”

4. Trump praised the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan was a catastrophe. It was a repressive measure, not a benefit. We bombed the smithereens out of Europe in an unjust war, then pretended to be noble in redistributing American wealth to build it back up. This redistribution not only hurt the American economy, but it robbed the American taxpayer. It was nothing but a communist-inspired redistribution on a massive scale. In other words, it was a global swindle.

5. Trump praised the United Nations, and said our “success depends on a coalition of independent nations,” yet, nations, he implied, linked together by the UN. No, success doesn’t depend on a coalition. The United States achieved success in spite of other nations. It was when we linked arms with other nations that our own system deteriorated and we lost our sovereignty. No president is any good if he keeps us locked to the ball and chain known as the United Nations. Get US Out!

6. Trump alleged, “In America, we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone.” Really? Tell that to the Iraqis, to the Afghans, to the Libyans, to the Syrians, to Iran and North Korea who we have sanctions on. Tell that to the Germans who we murdered in two wars, and to the Japanese who we bombed to Hades. What a crock! And the Alex Joneses of the world buy it and parrot it on their programs.

7. Trump repeated his lie about putting “America first.” This was the biggest sham of his entire election campaign, and, at the time, I called him out on it. No, Trump puts Israel first. He has unconditionally pledged American blood to defend Israel. His advisers are major Zionists. He has only placed America first on a few occasions. In the main, he has placed the globalist agenda first, as proved by the fact that he has appointed internationalists and conspirators to all major positions in his administration.

8. Trump praised our “allies” and then said we can never make “one-sided” deals with other nations where we don’t get anything in return, obviously implying the deal with Iran. I’m curious, why are we making deals with anyone? “Entangling alliances” is what our Founding Fathers warned against. We shouldn’t have any alliances. We should withdraw from NATO, SEATO, the UN, and all other such international bodies. We need to be non-interventionists, and focus purely on defense of our homeland and the immediate areas of our interest.

9. Trump said, “Our citizens have paid the ultimate price to defend our freedom and the freedom of many nations represented in this great hall. America’s devotion is measured on the battle fields where our young men and women have fought and sacrificed along side of our allies. From the beaches of Europe, to the deserts of the Middle East, to the jungles of Asia; it is an eternal credit to the American character that even after we and our allies emerged victorious from the bloodiest war in history, we did not seek territorial expansion or attempt to oppose and impose our way of life on others.” Every word of this statement smacks of total ignorance of history. Anyone who believed it, is a dupe and is ignorant of history, including ignorant of who really started the world wars, why we went to Vietnam, etc. We have done nothing but impose our will on other nations. And I’m sick of the militarism. It is not a credit to our character; it is a sickening black mark of which we ought to be ashamed. And it is an insult to our Founding Fathers.

10. Trump said our policy is not rooted in ideology, but in “outcomes.” In other words, principles don’t matter. Who cares about the ideology our Founding Fathers left us?! As long as we get something, we can do anything we want. The ends justify the means. That’s the entire philosophy of government these days. It’s also, I might add, a very communist attitude.

11. Trump said that “together” we have to defeat enemies of mankind. Together implies the United Nations. Nothing good will ever come from them. Then he said, “The scourge of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes.” No, Mr. Trump, it’s not. Iran isn’t a threat to the world. North Korea isn’t a threat to the world. Syria isn’t a threat to the world. Iraq isn’t a threat to the world. Russia, China, Israel, Britain, France, the United States – these are the threats to the world. These are the nations that control the world’s economy, that start the world’s wars, that oppress people in the bondage of statism. Trump is ignorant of the real threats. If he is so totally ignorant, how can anyone fool themselves into thinking he will help us fight the conspiracy?

12. Trump, embracing his inner imperialist, he said that if we are forced to “defend” ourselves, then we will have “no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.” We always like to call our invasions of other nations “defense.” Trump then personally insulted Kim Jong Un, calling him “rocket man.” Not very presidential. And, his threat to “totally destroy” a sovereign country is reckless, unnecessary, inappropriate, and wholly at odds with the concept our Founders had of non-interventionism. Trump proved to the entire world, once and for all, that he kowtows to the Zionist, neoconservative, conspiratorial masters who have ruled the world for so long.

13. Trump yet again praised the UN and said that the overthrow of North Korea is “what the United Nations is for.” Indeed, the UN was set up by the international conspiracy as a hammer to beat the nations of the world into submission to a dictatorial world order, which is to be the vehicle to usher in a one world Luciferian religion. That’s the big secret.

14. Trump praised the UN’s “hard-hitting” resolutions and sanctions recently forced upon North Korea. Recall, if you will, that the same sort of sanctions were placed on Japan the year before they attacked Pearl Harbor (why do you think they attacked Pearl Harbor?)

15. Trump next turned his attention to a “reckless regime” – namely, Iran – and alleged that Iran wants mass murder. He said that Iran’s “chief exports” are violence and bloodshed. As I mentioned above, perhaps Trump is forgetting what his own government is doing in supporting ISIS and other terrorists around the world. He says that it’s time the world stopped Iran. Meaning, of course, that Trump supports a war with Iran – which has been the decades-old dream of the psychopath Netanyahu and the criminal state of Israel.

16. Trump went on to blame Iran for the “civil war” in Yemen (started by Saudi Arabia and aided by the United States and Israel), for aiding the Syrian government (which Trump – following the elite’s playbook – absurdly condemns), etc. He said it’s time the world “demand” (what gives the United States, or even the world, to “demand” anything of a nation?) that Iran cease their “pursuit of death and destruction.” Perhaps Trump would like it if the world demanded that the United States stopped bombing sovereign nations and overthrowing their regimes? It’s total hypocrisy, folks. Trump should look in the mirror and at his so-called allies Israel, Britain, France, and Saudi Arabia, if he wants to know who is to blame.

17. Trump then praised Saudi Arabia and, ironically, in the next breath, condemned so-called “Islamic extremism.” What a massive contradiction! He supports Saudi Arabia – the vilest Arab regime in the Middle East – yet condemns nations like Iran who have not harmed us. Trump then said we should “crush the loser terrorists.” Again, not so presidential.

18. Trump lauded his choice to send more troops and resources to join the pointless, illegal, undeclared, unconstitutional war of aggression in Afghanistan. We have no right to be there, and this move will only make things worse.

19. Trump claimed that we are making inroads against ISIS. First of all, that’s not true. Second of all, it shouldn’t be too hard to fight a group you brought into existence and are currently funding.

20. Trump repeated his ignorant and false accusations that Syria’s own government used chemical weapons against their people. Rather, American-backed terrorists (often called “moderates” in our controlled press) launched the attacks to frame Assad. And Trump is so woefully ignorant of the conspiracy and the false flag attacks they so often use that he bought it hook, line, and sinker.

21. Trump said “out of the goodness of our hearts” America offers aid to the “refugees” of the world. I’m sorry, but as noble as helping refugees is, that is not a part of the government’s duties and powers. It is not authorized by our Constitution – the supreme law of the land – to give aid to anyone overseas for any purpose. All foreign aid is illegal and wrong. If the American People want to donate – as they do so generously – then that’s wonderful. But we cannot continue to redistribute American wealth to overseas nations and individuals. That is wrong. It is theft.

22. Trump referred to the United Nation’s “noble aims.” There is nothing at all noble about the UN. It was created by communists and their Western co-conspirators. Trump said that other nations need to contribute funds to the UN, yet said he was happy to continue American funding of that monstrosity. And yet he claims to be “America first”? How can anyone believe his feigned words?

23. Trump said that he will not lift sanctions on Cuba. What a shame. Cuba was once a rich, peaceful nation. That is, until Eisenhower’s regime installed Castro and the communists. Then, to allegedly combat this regime we put into power, we put sanctions on Cuba – sanctions which only hurt the average Cuban citizen.

24. Trump made similar threats toward Venezuela, and refuses to lift sanctions – again, sanctions which only hurt the average Venezuelan citizen. He then said that we need to help install “democracy” in Venezuela. Democracy is a forerunner to communism, and a tool of the conspiracy. Lenin loved to talk about “democracy,” and the communists have often been called “social democrats,” as Bernie Sanders calls himself. Democracy is detestable system of government that will fail in 100 out of 100 cases. It is utterly incompatible with human Freedom and personal, God-given rights. It is mobocracy.

25. Trump said that the “first duty” of every nation is the “duty of our citizens.” He said that was the source of America’s strength. I honestly have no idea what that means. But I know that the real strength of America is her virtue and worship of Christ. Either we will worship Christ, or we will be swept off of this land. Period.

26. Lastly, Trump lauded the role of the United States in being the biggest preserver of sovereignty in the world. What a laughable statement! We have obliterated the sovereignty of dozens of nations – from Germany to Japan to Iraq to Afghanistan. We have been the enforcer of the globalist, Luciferian conspiracy. The American military has been the de facto arm of the UN in crushing the world. The second the United States got entangled with other nations, was the second we ceased to be a defender of anyone’s sovereignty, including our own.

Here are the few good points President Trump made during his speech:

1. He rightfully praised the Constitution. We must reenshrine that sacred document, and inculcate its principles into the hearts of our countrymen if we are to survive as a nation. Regrettably, Trump is, as I have often pointed out, constitutionally-illiterate.

2. He rightfully called out communist North Korea, and drew attention to the atrocities they’ve committed. However, his proposed response to the communist regime is totally inappropriate and militaristic.

3. Trump said, “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.” This is 100% true. It was my favorite line of the speech, in fact. And I give him credit for saying it to an assembly of representatives from openly socialist nations. I give him credit for condemning communism. That’s great! Unfortunately, Trump’s own proposals are extremely socialistic, so he doesn’t have a moral high ground to stand on.

4. Next, he referred to the classic statement that the real American revolution wasn’t the war, but the revolution in the minds and hearts of the People. This is true. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t have the principles to inspire us do that again. But if we are ever to break the chains placed upon us by our own apathy, and by conspiring men, we must have another spiritual revolution.

5. Finally, Trump petitioned to God multiple times. This is appropriate and admirable.  Tragically, coming from a serial adulterer who has no fidelity to the Constitution that the Lord inspired, these petitions are hollow. I repeat it again: If we are ever to restore our nation, we must bow before Christ and repent in sackcloth and ashes. Repentance is the only remedy.

To close, I will simply say that President Trump is not as terrible as our last several presidents, but he is not good, either. He is taking us in the same direction, albeit at a slightly slower pace. Ultimately, America can’t be saved from Washington. We have lost the cultural war. Degeneracy is rampant. Satanism is rising. Wicca is the fastest growing religion in America and Britain. Abuse of all types is rising. Violence, discontent, and hate are being stirred up – often deliberately. People’s love and affection are “waxing cold,” to quote holy writ. Marriages are disintegrating. The family unit has been undermined. The foundation of our nation has been fractured so severely that I’m not positive it can be mended.

I do know, however, that our one chance to mend this nation’s wounds is in embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and in sincere repentance. George Washington wrote in 1797, “Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.” And so it is. God help us return to Him before we allow our leaders to plunge us into yet another world war, and deeper into the clutches of the global conspiracy.

Zack Strong

September 25, 2017.

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